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All You Need to Know About the MSM And Herman Cain

The media frenzy about trying lynch a black man in one graph:

Hat tip: New Busters [1]

Hat tips:  Newsbusters [1], and Lonely Conservative [2].

This is what racism looks like The media will condone rape by a iberal white politician but dare a black man stray off the plantation.

Addendum: The Pundit of Poco, b/k/a Don Surber puts some flesh on the numbers, from Daily Mai [3]l:

Now a Washington Post/ABC News poll taken from Monday to Thursday after Politico reported on a sexual harassment lawsuit shows Republican support for Herman Cain is up 6 from the previous poll a month ago.

All that oppo research may be for naught as 3 out of 4 Republicans said they could not care less about the nearly 15-year-old news.

To put the settlement in perspective, Bill Clinton settled up with Paula Jones for every penny she asked for — $850,000, or more than 17 times this settlement.

The media hit job is not working.