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Why Fer the DOE

Why we we pay good taxpayer dollars to support the useless Department of  Energy?


Graph curtsey of Department of Energy

Graph Source:  Department of Energy [2].

In the thirty-four years the federal Department of Energy has existed, domestic consumption of oil has increased, domestic production decreased and imports increased. In other words the DOE has been a massive failure.

So why do we continue to  pour tax dollars down the DOE drain:

President Barack Obama [3] unveiled on May 7 a $26.4 billion budget request for DOE for fiscal year (FY) 2010, including $2.3 billion for the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy [4] (EERE). The budget aims to substantially expand the use of renewable energy [5] sources while improving energy transmission infrastructure [6]. It also makes significant investments in hybrids [7] and plug-in hybrids [8], in smart grid [9] technologies, and in scientific research and innovation.[6] [10]

Hat tip:  Wikipedia [11].