To echo Eric wrote. we have a problem.   First we had PSU (Pervert State University) and now we have The Citadel. Mere coincidence? Or a pattern?

(Reuters) – In the wake of the Penn State child sex abuse scandal, another university, The Citadel military college in South Carolina, revealed on Saturday that it had investigated accusations against a camp counselor but took no action.

The man has since been jailed on separate charges of molesting five boys in Mount Pleasant, near Charleston, South Carolina.

“We regret that we did not pursue this matter further,” Citadel President Lt. General John Rosa and Board of Visitors Chair Doug Snyder said in a statement

Note to Alumni with checkbooks, do a little homework before you write your next check to your old school, or before you send Junior off to school

Note that Jerry Sandusky was not just a lone predator in State College, PA, he had an entire organization set up to entice, collect and from which to select his victims, from Sports and Stars:

A grand jury report noted that Sandusky chose his victims from a charity he started called The Second Mile. Sandusky reportedly had access to hundreds of boys through the charity set up in 1977 to help troubled boys. It raises millions of dollars through fundraising and special events, the grand jury report stated.

“The program had access to hundreds of boys, many of whom were vulnerable due to their social situations,” the report noted.

PSU was not just harboring a sexual predator, it was facilitating a criminal enterprise.

A pervert rapes minor boys and two schools do not feel motivated to take any legal action.   We have a problem with our culture.

Addendum I:  It only gets worse, from Jane M. Von Bergen, Philadelphia Inquirer

No one said no to Jerry Sandusky.

That’s the underlying message from those closest to the alleged victims in the child-molestation scandal that has engulfed Pennsylvania State University.


“Jerry Sandusky admitted to my face, he admitted it,” she told the Patriot-News. “He admitted that he lathered up my son, they were naked and he bear-hugged him. If they would have done something about it in 1998 and then again 2002 – there were two chances they dropped the ball.”

But police didn’t press charges.

This is getting big, and messy.

Addendum II: It looks like that in State College PA, pedophile is not considered a threat the community, from Allah Pundit, Hot Air:

[T]hanks to a judge who, it turns out, once volunteered for his charity — but he’s apparently moving freely among the population. Don’t believe me? Check out this mind-boggling photo from TMZ. I don’t know where to begin: If TMZ’s correct, you’re looking at a guy who’s facing 40 counts in Pennsylvania related to child rape hanging out in another state, at an airport, apparently unescorted. It’s a flight risk/danger to the community/threat of vigilantism trifecta! Way to go, bail judge.

The sink hole keeps getting deeper.

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