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Where Arth Thou Occuchicks?

For a movement which claims to represent ninety-nine percent of the population, the Occutards seem to suffer a shortage of chicks.   Whereas the Tea Party was organized by and had plenty of participation by Tea Mommas., from Nice Deb [1]:

So, the #Occupy movement is led by scruffy, whiny, white  dudes, [2]who look the other way when women are sexually assaulted at their encampments, but are baffled and embarrassed because more women are not a part of their movement.

The Tea Party, on the other hand, is led by fierce, strong willed women, who are looking out for their children’s futures like “Mama Grizzlies”. One poll indicated that 55% of the Tea Party movement is made up of women. [3]


Some of the excesses of "Occupy Wall Street" leaking out

Seldom at a loss for words, RS McCain offers his take, from the Other McCain [5]:

There are probably women who aren’t bothered much by poor hygiene, and there may be women who aren’t bothered by a lack of toilet and bathing facilities. But I think you’ll have a hard time finding women who aren’t bothered by the kind of bad stuff that happens to women when they’re constantly surrounded by a bunch of scummy, predatory cop-haters: Rape [6], sexual assault [7], sexual assault [8], rape [9], sexual assault [10], indecent exposure [11], sexual assault [11], gang rape [12] . . . You get the picture.

So maybe one of the secrets of attracting women to your movement, is not to rape them. Who’d have thunk?