Sloatsburg, NY— I’m at the Thruway Rest area just north of the NY-NJ border. From here I’ll head to Connecticut, and then back here to Jersey, and then to Western NY. Getting cooler by the day, and we’ll see rain here for a few days.

I’m very pleased with the truck; it’s running very well.


  • What is “Occupy” doing? Yes, it’s losing it’s bite as I suggested yesterday. (If you missed that, read it here.) But apparently there’s a fair amount of violence going on.  Shootings are reportedly up some 154% in NYC since ‘Occupy’ started. Things the liberal press will never tell you.
  • Where’s all his Friends? Politico says Dems are ducking Obama on campaign trail.

    In trips to Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania — all states that he carried in 2008 — members of Congress were notably missing from the president’s side.

    Must be all that stuff about the ‘dysfunctional congress’. Which, by the way, translates to “Mommy, those boys won’t do what I want them to. ” I still think this is getting dangerous… they’re still trying to quietly push the meme that Obama is inept. The reality is, he’s one of the most outragiously successful Dem Presidents in recent history in terms of getting liberal Democrat policy in place. It’s not Obama that’s failed, it’s liberal policy…. which fails every time it’s tried. The Dems in Congress are ducking that reality.

  • Gas Prices: Been going up rather sharply in the last week or so. Megan McArdle, who I link here far too infrequently, has numbers suggesting that whatever help the stimulus may have been, got wiped out by the price of energy.  Remember when we told you that energy prices would bring Obama down?  Yeah.
  • The State Of Things: I’ll simply post this, as a pic and let you see it. It ran in a Buffalo paper. I can’t even imagine the level of stupidity required for this to happen. Then again, Government healthcare, ya know.




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