Brooklyn, NY– I’m just off the BQE, having dropped off a load here, and taking a rest break. I left Rochester last night, ran to Newburgh NY…(Right across from Orange County Choppers) then to Mountain Top, PA then here. About 550 miles, more or less. A nice day here in the Apple, not a cloud in the sky, and middle 60’s. Not my favorite place to be as a rule, but it’s more livable than usual, today.

  • Transparency? What’s THAT? By way of Glenn: BREAKING: An IPCC backchannel ‘cloud’ was apparently established to hide IPCC deliberations from FOIA.  In other words IPCC lied and tried to cover that lie by hiding the transcripts. And this is the guy Romney wants as an environmental Czar? Why do we want Romney, again?
  • POLL: CAIN 43% OBAMA 41%   The fear from the establishment GOP is palpable.
  • Obama Blame Shifting: The hutzpah is striking. The Hill:

    Speaking in Asheville, N.C., Obama challenged Congress to pass his $447 billion jobs bill in “bite-sized pieces,” stating with legislation to provide funding to cash-starved states to pay for teachers, police officers and firefighters.The president said that in blocking his bill, Senate Republicans — he did not mention the two Democratic ‘no’ votes — “said ‘no’ to you.”

    “Sixty-three percent support the jobs bill I put forward,” Obama said. “One hundred percent of Republican senators voted against it. That doesn’t make any sense, does it?”

    Obama, minus a tie and jacket, appeared in full campaign mode as he railed against Republicans. The crowd got into the spirit, chanting “four more years.”

    Of course, there’s a number of problems with these statements… or perhaps more correctly one problem. Obama has developed a lying streak unseen since Bubba Clinton.  His jobs bill isn’t a jobs bill, but a wealth redistribution ill. The Senate is not run, (yet) by the GOP. The folks who didn’t pass his tax bill are Democrats, who know the support for it isn’t nearly what Obama says it is… and they shold know… they’re looking at the next election and recognizing that if they vote fot this thing, their constituents won’t vote for THEM.  Oh,a nd by the way…. you, the taxpayers are being forced to pony up to cover what can only be called a campaign tour.

  • Meanwhile, over on Wall Street: For all that Obama… along with Communist China... and Iran… support the OWS morons, the voters don’t.  And by the way, remember I told you OWS was not a grass roots movement, but rather astroturf?  Stone fact.
  • That’s Racing: My thoughts go out to the family and friends of Dan Wheldon, the Indy car driver who died out at Vegas yesterday.  As many have pointed out, however, that’s an inseparable part of the racing game.
  • FAST & FURIOUS being ignored by the MSM? Yes, but why? You know why, don’t you? I say again… I want Holder frog-marched out of the White House.

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