Jessup,MD– I’m here getting ready to grab a load bound for Syracuse, and then head home. I’ll be there by morning. Raining off and on across the northeast today. My poor truck doesn’t look quite so flashy with the much from the wet streets all over it again. That’s OK, I’ll wash it again once I get home.


  • More of Obamacare going bye bye: I know I’ve alluded to this before, but  we have GOT to start dismissing the meme that Obama’s problems are due t his being inept. A look at the story of Obamacare speaks very clearly to the contrary. Look, who else but Obama could sledgehammer into law something that few voting on it actually read, and is so bad that even the Obami are now loathe to implement it?  (Apparently they’ve now read the thing?)
  • And Romneycare: What can be said of Romney, who created most of it? This: Obama’s individual mandate is a VERY unconstitutional, VERY bad idea. The one in Romneycare is  constitutional since it leans on the states, but still a very bad, bad idea. Any person who creates such things, is no conservative.  There seems little question that the Democrats are being regarded at best as damaged goods, given the state of the economy, and the degree to which they decided to march to the left, including Obamacare. Since the economy is not likely to get any better between now an election day, that makes this next election the GOP’s to lose. What predicting this next election comes down to is whom the Republicans decide to offer. As I’ve said before, should the Republicans offer a real conservative, (and Romneycare disqualifies Romney forever) then the GOP will have a landslide that makes Carter’s defeat at the hands of Reagan look like a close race. Absent that, we’ll have a second Obama term as rank and file Republicans sit on their hands as they did with McCain, and with Bob Dole, and with Bush 41’s second term.
  • But they’ve still not learned the lesson: The New York Times, of all places, has an upcoming article that available now, that demonstrates how bad the establishment GOP is getting…. they cannot for the LIFE of them understand why we don’t want the GOP in bed with the left. Warning… this thing’s around 8000 words long.
  • Occupy Wall Street: The Email list:… has been leaked. And here it is. All 8800 plus pages of it: (.pst format: primary and alternate) and (.csv format: primary and alternate)If the link goes dead, let me know, because I have backups on file and will post the thing myself. David mentioned Jessie Jackson JR and treason. David is correct. But if that’s so, what then are these morons guilty of, BUT that? And yes, you need to read it to understand what I’m talking about. For example… the violence there has always been a part of the plan. Read the emails.
  • Predictable: Juan Williams suggests that liberals like Cornell West and Tavis Smiley threatened by Herman Cain’s success  I think he’s correct. But I wonder if the bloom will be off the rose for blacks who have seemingly always voted Democrat, once the racist crap starts coming out from the white leftists as that threat of a black conservative notches up.

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