Ridgefield, NJ– I’m at the Vince Lombardi rest area for a rest break. I’ll be going into the city shortly after midnight.

  • But what are they, really? and what are they fighting for?: OK, like a lot of you, I too am getting to the point where I have a little “occupy” boredom. I’m bored with it.  Now, the press seems enamoured with them, but they tend to like anything that tilts left.  Here’s what the press thinks of “Occupy Wall Street”.. and for the purpose of reference, what they think of the supposed counterpart of “Occupy”… the Tea Party.  But what are they? Why are they there, really? Seems to me that like McKay in the movie “The Candidate” that I mentioned the other day, it’s a movement in search of a cause. Let’s ponder, for a moment, though just what a lot of them have been mouthing, and why they’re there. They clearly want to shut our financial engine down. Well, isn’t that what the 9/11 crowd wanted?

    Not all that different in their goals.

    The bozos who flew the planes into the WTC towers, ironically not so distant from Zuccotti park, I mean.And perhaps that comparison will anger some. So be it, I really don’t care, because the truth is that those rich liberal sending these useful idiots out into the cold to live in the legendary kind of filth we’ve see reports of, Rich liberal types like Soros, for example… destroying our economic system is exactly what they’re all about. The difference between them is, that the 9/11 pilots knew what they wanted. I remain unconvinced that the morons in the park have a clue what they want. But I find it striking that they’re working toward the same end. Let’s remember, China has made clear it’s approval of “Occupy” as well as Iran. Cuba. Argentina. Etc. Getting the picture?

  • Want another clue on “Occupy?”  I wonder how many of those morons are aware of the number of currently prominent Wall Street types are both very dirty indeed, and big Obama donors?
  •  Homeland Security Adviser  Leaks Intel to Attack Rick Perry:  Yeah, they’ve lost their friggin minds. It means more to them to defeat a conservative than it is keeping the country secure.

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