Brunswick, NJ– I’m going up to Queens in the morning, then back into Jersey and then to Connecticut.  Drying out now, but cool. Truck is fine, and I am as well.

    • Occupy Wall Street and the Chicago ’68 Riots I commend to your reading this article. The insights are very powerful. Fred Seigel makes the same link.
    • Why Is Class Hatred Morally Superior to Race Hatred? Dennis Prager asks and answers this one.
    • Khaddafy killed.

      I still have this poster somewhere in my collection. It was passed out to all who saw the movie the first week of release. I saw it in the DC area, that week.

      Does anyone remember the Robert Redford movie from about 1973, called “The Candidate”? He goes through the process of getting himself elected to public office, and then asks “Now, what?”  Seems to me that’s the question we should be looking at. It strikes me that nature abhors a vaccum. It also seem to me that if the Obama administration paid as much attention to Libya as they have to affairs domestic, the Libyan people are screwed… and so by extension is everyone on earth. Another thought occurs… now we’ll never really know who ordered the bombing of PA103… and I wonder if that figured into their plans at all over at the WH. Hint; QuackDaffy being dead of itself won’t start a constitutional republic. Yet, there’s a vacuum in leadership at the moment. A ripe opportunity for the radical Islamists to step in. Don’t be shocked when that happens, folks.

    • Tax Funded Electric Car Gets Worse Mileage Than an SUV…I’ll leave that one alone. It’s too freakin’ EASY.

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