Batavia, NY– Today is Columbus day. I submit to you that everything that is wrong with our government can be seen each and every Columbus Day. I’m out here busting my ass while our “servants’ get the day off…. a day off you and I pay for…. supposedly celebrating a man who most of those government workers resent, if we’re to take the left-leaners at their word on the matter.

  • Profit? : One of the things that the OWS nutters are suppsoedly protesting is obscene profit margins. One of the points that came up incidental to the death of Steve Jobs is that Apple runs a profits of around 48%. Oil companies, meanwhile,  run profits of between 8% to 10%. So why is Apple so well thought of in liberal circles and Oil companies so vilified by those same circles??  And here’s another point; Of the two who does the more important work? Consider that question this way; Which can you better afford to do without? Oil and the energy it provides, or your I-phone?
  • The Harry and Barry Show: It appears that the infighting between Reid and the White House is getting raised to a level where we will have to start selling tickets. … I’ve said for years now it’s all about the personal power of the players involved.  This is proof of that.
  • Party Crashers: It seems the OccupyWall Street crowd is being infiltrated by party goers looking for sex, drugs. Gee, what makes anyone think they’d be able to get those among the OWS crowd? There must be a certain quality to these OWS folks that makes people operate this way, huh?
  • The independent vote: Gallup is reporting that Obama’s approval rating among pure independents is only at 30%.  Not too hard to figure this one out… 30% of independents are as far to the left as Obama is and yet are farther left than even the mainstream Democrats. This constitutes Obama’s core voter. This to me demonstrates Obama is to the left of most of America.
  • Daily Krugman Blasting:

    A certain quality of the left and their protesting.

    Attack the security guards at the Air and Space Museum, and you can  count on Paul Krugman’s support. Perhaps the OWS morons don’t know Krugman was an Enron advisor, huh?  Krugman says

    It remains to be seen whether the Occupy Wall Street protests will change America’s direction.

    My guess would be no, if this is what we’re supposed to change to. Is this Kurgman’s vision? And check this; Krugman thinks the OWS people are better behaved than tea party types. Can you beat it? Last I heard some 750 arrests so far at the OWS nonsense. How many at Tea Party Rallies? None as I’m aware. Can someone confirm or deny this with linkage, please?    Kurt Schlichter  says it well:

    The #OccupyWallSt movement marks the first time free people have rebelled to secure the right to be enslaved.

    Well, not really. There’s always the Russian Revolution, much of Latin America, Nazi Germany and Cuba to consider. Still, point made.

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