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The Ramble for 9/5/11

Rochester, NY— I’m home today, but will leave for Allentown PA tonight, for a couple of short hops. Four or five days out., in total. It’ll be a little cooler, and my truck is running well, so it should be a couple of fun days.

Today is “Labor Day”. If you’re looking at your paycheck and it’s smaller because you’re forced to pay dues, thank a union. If you’re thinking that a lot of those dues are going to support the candidacy of liberals you yourself do not support, you’re right…. the USSC’s Beck ruling not withstanding. So much for the leftist respect for the rule of law.

As I look across the nation today, I think perhaps the cruelest of all jokes is the unions participating in labor day parades , marching through the urban blight that they’ve helped cause… a victory lap around the ruins they’ve created.  Places like Detroit for example, where Obama is scheduled to speak today. (No shock for that!)     Look at these pictures from Detroit. [1] Detroit is a prime example of what happens when the unions and the left (Often one in the same)  get their way.   Unions, are to jobs, as Obama is to jobs, and for the same reasons.

There are very few people….  (save union members, of which there are thankfully ever fewer) ….who will even attempt, any more, a logical argument that the unions are not at least partially responsible for the dearth of jobs in the Detroit area.  Between their wage demands, benefit demands, and “work rules”, (Which are really demands for non-work) no sane business owner would have ever signed on to them, absent the force of leftists in government, which is the other proximate cause of our economic troubles today.

And to boot, let’s consider how they managed to get into the position of power that has been so ruinous for our country, shall we?  I note Michelle Malkin’s thoughts on the matter, today, of events just within the last year... With lots of video. [2]


I would suggest to you that instead of honoring unions, we should be honoring work.  Of the two, the latter is far more honorable.