The libtards keep telling how smart Dumbo, b/k/a Barack Obama, is.   Whereas it is my contention that Dumbo is a moron.   Proof:

Not that I would expect Dumbo to actually know this, but the American Jobs Act, HR 2911 ,is a bill which would  zero out corporate taxes.

How radio active is Dumbo. The suggested bill that Dumbo had wanted to call the American jobs Act was distributed to member of Congress two days ago, from Hill:

Texas GOP Rep. Louis Gohmert officially introduced the American Jobs Act of 2011 on Wednesday afternoon.


So, at 1:20pm Gohmert filed his own version of a jobs bill, under the title included on the president’s legislation distributed to members of Congress two-days prior.

Representative Gohmert introduced the official version of the American Jobs Act six days after Dumbo proposed it and two days after is was distributed to members of Congress Yet no democrat was willing to to file Dumbo’s bill. Telling.

Reax, Nice Dob:

Dems in Congress must be trying to figure out how to escape this albatross around their necks. If the jobs bill is a big loser with the public, they are going to be hard pressed to vote for it if they want to keep their jobs. As many Democrats found out in November, 2010, the voters may express their outrage at their fiscal insanity by voting them out of office.

How is Dumbo going to get his fellow ‘rats to support his bill with no name, if he could not even convince one to file the bill with the House clerk?

Aside to libtards, if you have any reason to believe  I am attempting insult, impugn or  mock Dumbo,  feel free to report this  post to Attack Watch

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