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Golden Shovel Award: Eugene Robinson

[1]from Eugene Robinson, Washington Post [2]:

The war our enemies began on Sept. 11, 2001, is long over. Perhaps now, after 10 years of anxiety and self-doubt, we can acknowledge our victory and begin the postwar renewal and reconciliation that the nation so desperately needs.

It take some real talent, and a real ignorance of history to get some much wrong in but one sentence and a mere twelve words. But Robinson succeeds.

From Goodreads [3]:

Andrew C. McCarthy takes readers back to the real beginning of the war on terror–not the atrocities of September 11, but the first bombing of the World Trade Center in February 1993 when radical Islamists effectively declared war on the United States. From his perch as a government prosecutor of the blind sheik and other jihadists responsible for the bombing,

Al Qaeda attacked the United States during the first year of the B.J. Clinton administration and every year there after.   The fact that Clinton choose to largely  ignore the attacks and to pretend  they were criminal and not war acts,  did not make it any less of a war.