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Breakfast Scramble: Bye-Bye Jerry

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Good Riddings, at long last a Labor Day without Jerry Lewis, from Ann Althouse [1]:

“The End of the Jerry Lewis Telethon—It’s About Time.”

Da Mayor’s shooting spree. Mayor Bloomberg’s political supporters keep killing and shooting people and all the mayor can do is to all for yet more gun control, from Jammie Wearing Foo [2]l:

One would think after a 24-hour stretch that saw 24 people shot in his city, the man presiding over the nation’s strictest gun laws wouldn’t so shamelessly use the violence to promote his anti-gun agenda. But hey, we’re dealing with King Bloomberg here. Rather than step up police efforts in neighborhoods where violence is highest, he looks to Washington to implement more meaningless laws that will do nothing to address the real issue facing him.

Tell Mayor Bloomberg to have his people stop shooting people.