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Breakfast Scramble: President Zero

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble

This economy is lost, from Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard [1]:

For President Obama, with job growth stuck near zero, the simplest question is a domestic one. How do you think jobs are created?

This has never been asked of Obama and never answered, so far as I know. And chances are he won’t answer it definitively when he unveils his new jobs program before a joint session of Congress this week

More from Lonely Conservative [2]

Herman Cain: President Obama Doesn’t Understand Basic Economics

Cheers to Herman Cain for stating what’s obvious to anyone paying attention. Cain was on with Neil Cavuto to talk about the rotten jobs numbers that came out this morning and the president’s dreadful handling of the economy. Cain said that the president doesn’t have even a basic understanding of economics. He also addressed how the Democrats have taken the race card to a new low, which corresponds to the new low in the economy
The President is purported to have studied law at Harvard.Yet has no law license does not appear to know much about the law

And more Charles Krauthammer, video:

Hat tip and more, Nice Deb [3]:

Charles Krauthammer says Obama has his “foot on the economy”, and  his speech next week, will not to be a serious attempt to turn things around, it’s a speech to frame the debate for his re-election. It will include ridiculous things he knows the republicans will reject, setting up the premise he will use to blame the bad economy on them. Then he’ll accuse Republicans of selfishly politicizing the issue.

The positive speech Obama could give on Thursday, would be to announce his and Joe Biden’s resignations.