Auburn,MA– Came in around 0130. I’m dropping a load of foam plates as this is written and will go from here to Newburgh,NY, and then who knows where. It’s been a fairly easy week so far, and as a result of some dumb luck, I’ve managed to rack up most of my base miles for the week in the first two and a half days. The weeks come like that, sometimes. Blue skies, middle 70’s a beautiful day for driving. Which, of course means DOT on the road to Newburgh. (Sigh)

  • Green Jobs: It turns out that “Green Jobs” means private investors… people who just happen to be heavy contributors to leftists… get taxpayer green. Meanwhile, said  taxpayers get left holding the bag. The Solyndra muck-up,  is everything that’s wrong with leftists running things, encapsulated. The Obama White House is up to it’s eyeballs in this, and someone needs serious jail time.
  • The Spinners: No, not the great 60’s and 70’s group… The White House.

    The White House is girding for a political loss in the heart of New York on Tuesday.They’re also spinning up an explanation that won’t entirely result in the blame landing on the low popularity of the president. As in Massachusetts, where Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley was faulted by the White House and many others for tone-deaf campaigning, Democratic candidate Dave Weprin may see the undercarriage of that new White House campaign bus.

    Obama won the district, which spans southern Brooklyn and Queens, by 11 percentage points in 2008. His approval rating there is now 33 percent.

    You’ll recall, I mentioned recently that the Democrats’ biggest worry these days is not so much Obama losing… (apparently they’re internally viewing that loss as a foregone conclusion) but taht Obama will drag down the party with him. Gee, ya think?

  • NY9 is now Republican held: The Democrats are trying to claim it’s a hard district for them and that’s why they lost. Bovine feces. The fact is it’s been a safe district for them since 1923. The WH is denying that this loss has anything to do with Obama.  Spin, certainly. But, look…They’re actually half right about that.
    Look, gang, it’s this simple… while the press likes to spin this as a reflection of Obama’s popularity, the voters now see clearly that Obama is not the underlying cause of our current problems. Our current problems are being caused instead by the liberal mantra, to which Obama and all the remaining Democrats subscribe. It’s a rejection of that mantra and the downright stupid policies that spring from it, and not Obama personally, that is being reflected in the polls.

    Now, staunch Democrats may well blame Obama,  and try to cast him as inept…but why? After all, he enacted all the nonsense that liberals have been having wet dreams over for decades now.  And he’s still at it… this “jobs bill” is little more than the same BS he’s been pushing for years… Exactly what has not worked so often before… tax increases and government give-aways. Why would they blame Obama for that? Because it’s easier for their lack of mentality to blame Obama than it is to contemplate the idea that the cause of the failure is Democrat policies. Want proof? Look at how vehemently they deny that there’s any similarity between the failures under Jimmy Carter, and failures under Barack Hussein Obama.

    Getting the picture?

  • Attentiion, ATTACK WATCH: You’re officially on notice… This site will not back down from the truth. Get used to it.

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