So we see Ann Althouse was assaulted just recently.The story is here. 
Here’s her comment on it.
Does anyone not understand that this is part and parcel of the riots we see around the world in response to the setbacks the left’s been seeing? The social welfare state is coming unglued the world over, and leftists with it. The desperation of the left is seen in their thug behavior. It’s never been far from the surface…(consider union thugs as an example)…. But now as lefty anger increases… It becomes more obvious, and in your face.


All across Europe, and in Greece, and in the US, what we are witness to is the end of the social welfare state, and this attack on Althouse is part and parcel of the left’s desperation over that loss. The rioting and such attacks on conservative figures reminds me rather nicely of the brown shirts. (After all, Hitler was a socialist.)

Let’s be clear about something, though;

As demonstrated in Greece and in the UK, this collapse has little if anything to do with the conservatives in each of the affected countries. Rather, what we see is socialism collapsing under it’s own weight.  Countries trying to keep the socialist model propped up have spent themselves into oblivion, including these United States under BHO.

Let’s remember Obama’s campaign, where he paraded around Europe, in solidarity with it’s socialist welfare model.  He’s forced us to adopt this failure, as per plan.  The only involvement in this that conservatives have had is taking the blame for the failure of the left’s socialism. Liberals are blaming conservatives for pointing out the obvious…. that  the social welfare state is totally unsustainable. Every place it’s been tried, it’s failed. 

And leftists, you can forget about taxing the rich to pay for it.  Even assuming, for example, that we were to go Obama one better, and confiscate all the money the rich have,  just took it all… it won’t put a dent in the bill directly caused by socialist spending alone. Not even close.  Nor does the total of the military budget even come close to the debt caused by the huge social spending outlays.  Even taking the whole of the military budget will not come close to touching the debts incurred by the lefts vote buying.  You want the figures? Fine. Here you go.  The one conclusion to draw, here, is that the party is over. Period. Full stop.

It’s back to this reality:

Every social-welfare modeled country is failing. Including, alas, we, too, here in the US, to the exact extent that welfare state has been adopted.  That outcome is certain, even absent any input by conservatives. We’ve outspent the whole of our GDP by 160%, on socialist wet dreams. The money’s gone. There’s no way to get it back. You can make the sign of the O and scream “tax the rich”, and “Military industrial complex” with your fingers in your ears, all you want, but it’s not going to change the facts, and the facts do not give us any way out but the total dismantling of the social welfare state and the ultimate and permanent discrediting of those who push it.

The one advantage of Obama’s presidency is that lesson is being learned, bigtime. The outstanding question, (particularly given leftist thug behavior)  is, if we will survive the lesson.

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