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The Ramble for 8.24.11

Latham, NY– I’m outside Albany, getting a load for Watertown, NY.


Your intrepid author and his faithful steed

This week has been a series of hops that saw me running to within about 10 miles of the DC monument district. A little over an hour after I left the area, I was parked at the PA-MD border along I-83 touching up my logs and grabbing a bite, when I noticed my trailer was shaking. My first reaction was that the wind was up, but then I noticed that the trees weren’t moving. So it was that I had witnessed my very first earthquake after some 53 years of avoiding such. My initial reaction to that news was that Obama had actually told the truth about something… such would certainly be an earthshaking event. But no, things in DC had not changed quite so drastically as all that.

It turns out, that there’s a new geological feature, called the “W fault line.” Work on that one.

I had planned to post a lot of this yesterday, but for a few hours after the shaker, cell phone service and internet service too, as I gather it, were spotty at best. I couldn’t get a connection and neither coould anyone else, for that matter. Verizon seemes to have faired better than AT&T, Spint and a few others, though I suppose that was a matter of luck more than anything else.

Now, the quake yesterday was the third this week, here in the states. First was in New Mexico. Second in Colorado. Then, Virginia.  Paul Krugman will likely argue in tomorrows column that the earthquakes as a whole, were not big enough.  Did you see where he’s saying natural disasters are an economic aid? Of course his reasoning is that they force more spending of tax money. I’ll bet he wonders why so few take him seriously, anymore. There’s a guy needs to put down the crack pipe, and step away.