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The Ramble for 08/01/11

College Point, NY— I’m across the water from Manhattan, with Laguardia between myself and there. It’s a pretty sight in the early evening, at least from this distance. I’ll be back here tomorrow morning,  with another load of drinks. Apparently the hot weather is good for someone’s business, anyway.

I have an older truck today,  because my usual truck… the blue one I’ve been driving, is having a problem with the emissions systems and needs repair.


My little Hotrod Truck

Just for laughs, I’ll show you my usual rig….255

It’s an ’06 International 9400-i Eagle, with a Cummins ISX engine and a 13 speed tranny, 300 gallon tanks. With around 500 horsepower and a torque rating of just under 1900 ft lbs, it’ll move right along, even with a serious load.

It’s all leather inside,  (yes, heated seats!) grade one stereo system, and is complete with a fridge, microwave, coffee pot and slow cooker.  I also keep a charcoal burner on the back porch.  I have it equipped with mobile internet streaming, (with internet radio who the bleep needs XM?… It also allows me to write to BitsBlog…) and a killer CB…(A Galaxy 929) and  about a week’s worth of clothing and food.  Lots of storage space in this thing.

It also has an auxiliary power unit, which runs when the truck isn’t moving, to generate AC power, heating and cooling, as well as the ability to run AC powered stuff, like power tools and whatnot.

With 300 fuel gallon tanks, I have an effective range of about 1500 miles, or two or three days worth of driving, depending on load and hills. I get compliments on the thing all the time, on the road. A real sweet truck to say the least. I’m working on polishing the aluminum and touching up the paint where needs be. It’s starting to really look good. Yeah, maybe there’s a lot of effort involved, but I have to spend days at a time in this thing; I may as well have some fun with it and be comfortable.


A spare truck I'm driving for now

The one I’m using to get me by for the next day or two ( i hope) is not nearly as nice, of course.   Here it is; It’s a 1998 version of pretty much the same model. Cummins N14-425, Super-10 tranny…(Which I like).Double sleeper. Huge inside, but with a million and a half miles on it, we have to sell it as a used truck. (grin) Actually, it drives OK, (The tranny shifts smooth as glass!) … and doesn’t look bad after I gave it some serious TLC. I won’t deny I’ll be happy to get my truck back.

It turns out the issue with my truck was a bad EGR sensor, and a bad EGR valve. The sensor was masking a real issue with the valve and made it hard to diagnose.  I had initially thought there was a problem with the turbo, and so did the wrench, as I gather it.  The actual problem cost a little less, but not much. The electronics in these things are even more complex than what you’d find in your car.  OK, lots going on, lets get to it: