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Breakfast Scramble: The Daley School

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble

Dumbo’s school of economics, from Michael Bargo Jr.American Thinker [1]:

President Obama’s historic expansion of government at a time of great recession is attributed to his socialist agenda of “income redistribution.” While Barack Obama did use these words in his campaign exchange with Joe the Plumber, in reality Obama’s behavior is better explained as an expression of the political DNA he acquired from Chicago’s Political Machine.


Step One in the growth of the Chicago Machine was patronage job creation. Step Two was finding a way to pay for it. Because Mayor Daley I was instrumental in getting Presidents Kennedy and Johnson nominated and elected,[xvii] he was able to bring Federal program dollars to Chicago to supplement the city budget. When asked about sending program money to Chicago, President John F. Kennedy once quipped, “That’s Mayor Daley’s city. Give him what he wants.”[xviii] Mayor Daley I started the Model Cities Program.[xix] The raison d’etre of this program was revealed by a 1972 investigation reported by the Chicago Tribune newspaper. It reported that half of the Model Cities Program money sent to City Hall was confiscated by Daley I and used to his own ends

Human existence requires the consumption of commodities.   The measure an any economic system is how well, or how efficiently, it produces commodities.    Under Rick Perry, Texas was so good at producing commodities that people immigrated to the state.   Capitalism, the market economy, is viable economic system.   It produces the necessary commodities to sustain human like.

In stark contrast, the Daley system is not an economic system, but rather a parasitic political system which sucks  the life blood out of its host economies.   The only commodity which the Daley system produces in excess is political votes, which are used to keep corrupt politicians in power, to enable them to such the economic life blood out of the Daley systems hosts.

The Daley system worked on the local level, because Chicago could suckle on the teats of the Chicago, Illinois and American tax payers.   Daley economics does not work, and can not work, on the national level. as Daley’s system requires an external revenue source.    Daley could con politicians in have state and nation tax payers foot his bill.

Alas poor Dumbo, Obama can not send the bill for his redistribution schemes to the United Nations.   In only hope that the Chinese, or some other suckers, continue to buy our debt   At some point, we will no longer me able to sell our debt and Obama’s Daley style Ponzi scheme will collaps under its own weight.

Dumbo tries to hijack Nine Eleven, from the New York Slimes:

The White House in recent days has quietly disseminated two sets of documents. One is framed for overseas allies and their citizens and was sent to American embassies and consulates around the globe. The other includes themes for Americans here and underscores the importance of national service and what the government has done to prevent another major attack in the United States. That single-page document was issued to all federal agencies, officials said

A quite leak to the Slimes! Sure, the next thing the Obami will want us to believe is that Dumbo will present a job plan that will actually create jobs.

More from Lonely Conservative [2]:

Just remember, it’s not about us [3]. That’s the message from the White House in their guides to remembering 9/11 obtained by The New York Times [4].

As if we haven’t been observing it properly over the past decade and now we suddenly need guidance.

And more, Ed Morrissey, Hot Air [3]:

That approach of making 9/11 about more than just America caught the attention of the Drudge Report [5], and will likely be a hot-button debate issue over the next two weeks.  Some will argue that the attacks and the anniversary are all about the US.  After all, al-Qaeda had specifically targeted the US in a series of attacks over almost a decade leading up to 9/11, and the most damaging attack was on one of our most prominent symbols of economic freedom and global integration — the World Trade Center.  Of course, they also attacked the Pentagon, the center of American military might and security.  Critics of the Obama administration may object to a perception that the focus on this day will shift in some measure from American victims of the attacks.

However, it’s worth pointing out that this isn’t really a change from the Bush administration’s position.

I don’t recall the Bush Forty-Three administration having the audacity of a dope in trying to tell American to commerate an event most lived through and still remember. I mean, Franklin Roosevelt, never tried to tell us how to commerate Pearl Harbot.

And yet still more, William Teach, Pirate’s Cove: [6]

Weeks of debate, eh? If only he’d take the same time to deal with the economy. But, really, you know it will be President George W. Bush who will steal the show during the ceremonies. Obama’s the guy who expressed empathy with the Islamist animals [7] who pulled off 9.11.

Nobody expects the Obami to actually worry about the economy.   Dealing with Dumbo’s thin skin and fragile ego is a monumental undertaking.

Meet the new Peggy Joseph, to wit one Alberta Parish, video:

Hat tip and more, Robert Stacy McCain, Other McCain: [8]

Lots of f-bombs and other NSFW language here, but the really necessary content warning involves the coffee-spewing moment at which she starts talking about her “ancient ancestors.”

Watching this lady explain her worldview, I found myself wondering if she’s been hanging out with Peggy Joseph.

Go ahead and hit Stacy’s tip jar, but don’t refer to Parish as a lady.  I don’t know where Parish attended college, but she sure didn’t receive much of an education.   Parish thinks water should be free, and it is, down in her local river, swamp or mud puddle.    Not that such water is potable, but filtering, treating and transporting water to Parish’s tap requires human endeavors,  and the fruits of human endeavors are never free.

So question for Parish, if pizza were free, how much pizza would be available?  Answer, none.   Pizza a commodity, a product of human endeavor.    If would be pizza makers were forbidden to have a chance to profits from the fruits of their labors, they will not produce the product.