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The Obama energy policy, or lack thereof, the Obami have very simple energy, and job, policy. It if has no possibility of success, subsidize it. If on the other glove, it will succeed, regulate it to death.

First on the Obami love of green energy, Walter Russell Mead, American Interest, Feeding The Masses On Unicorn Ribs

Besides healing the planet and returning the rising seas to their natural beds, then-Senator Obama promised that his administration would create beautiful green jobs: well paid, stable, abundant jobs, unionized, with full benefits and making the earth healthier and the American people richer. As President, he stayed on message: even after the truther-enabling “green jobs czar” Van Jones left the administration, green jobs have been one of the President’s signature policies for putting the American people back to work

Next, on the Obami hatred of real energy, Charles Krauthammer,from Jeff Poor, Daily Caller:

“We are now back at square one hovering on the edge of a second recession,” Krauthammer continued. “And what he is I suppose he will propose is second mini-stimulus. Government doesn’t create jobs, but it kills them. And part of the problem we have is the blanket of regulation he has thrown on America especially in energy. America is the Saudi Arabia of gas and coal and his EPA and his moratorium on drilling elsewhere has killed an industry that has the potential, a) to hire a lot of people, and b) reduce our dependence on outside sources of energy



More, Ed Morrissey  Hot Air:

Unfortunately, Exxon has discovered firsthand what it’s like to deal with what Investors Business Daily calls “regulatory pirates” in the Gulf of Mexico:

From Obama’s phony energy policy, to the phony repubican, from John Hinderaker, Power Line:

Let’s Put the Huntsman Campaign Out of Its Misery

I have no idea why Jon Huntsman is running for president, nor do I understand why he is running as a Republican: as I noted last night, Huntsman’s chief strategist says that Republicans are “a bunch of cranks.”

Huntsman has been going after Rick Perry on global warming, apparently thinking that this is the way to curry favor with Republican primary voters. Given that a substantial majority of Americans (let alone Republicans) are deeply skeptical of AGW alarmism, this thinking is puzzling at best.

Mean while Doug Mataconis, at Outsde the Beltway:

Rejecting science, whether it’s the fundamental roots of biology or the widely accepted, among the science community, that human activity has contributed to climate change, is just a stupid idea, especially when it is mostly motivated by talk show hosts who have slandered respected scientists by suggesting that their lying and/or corrupt. If the GOP continues down this road, they’re going to continue to be marginalized in an America where science and learning are valued, not shunned.

Jon Huntsman does not understand the republican base and he does not understand science. As to evolution, Rick Perry calls it an unproven theory, a rather trite but indisputably true statement. There is not one settled theory of evolution, but several.

As to so-called anthropogenic global warming,Huntsman has fallen into the Algore trap of only believing those scientists who support Algore’s theory. Whereas Perry points out the much of the data has been falsified, which is true.

If Huntsman is serious about running for president, he should re-register for what he is a democrat, and primary his old boss, Barack Obama.

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2 Responses to “Breakfast Scramble: Obama (Energy) is Not Working”

  1. Just a quick note to Eric: I saw where you’re trying to contend with the head-in-the-sand types at Outside the Beltway. I admire your persistance, but just like leftists, those establishment GOP types are only going to change their faith in government-by-oh-so-smart-elites when they are kicked to the curb at the ballot box. Their Stockholm Syndrome is way too hard to break through.Though I guess it’s a bit useful to have something to point back to when they see the small government crowd take control and try the “oh, I was for those people all along” schtick.

  2. I should note David’s been over there too…. anyone, though s\who speaks truth to establishment these days is going to get the same response.

    But here it is…. The connection that’s not being made here is that the GOP establishment types in the end, Billy, ARE leftists. Think of it this way; is it really so hard to see such people switching parties, once they understand that they’re no longer in control of this one?

    I appreciate the note, Billy. You’re always welcome here. Indeed, if you even get the yen to post something here, we’d be proud to have you.