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Rumblings from the ‘Rats plantation, from Fareed Zakaria, Chicago Tribune:

Democrats are finally up for a fight — with President Barack Obama. Having despaired that Obama gave in to the tea party on the debt deal, they now criticize him as too cautious in his proposals to boost American jobs. They’re right that Obama should present a sharp distinction to the public between his efforts and the Republican Party’s utter passivity in the face of a national employment crisis. But perhaps Obama realizes that the most important factor that will help his re-election — and Democratic prospects more generally — is a rise in employment. And to have any impact on the actual economy, Obama needs proposals that can get through Congress, not ones that sound good on TV.

Dumbo, b/k/a Barack Obama, has been president for coming on three years. He has played endless rounds of golf, gone on numerous vacations, but has not submitted a sober budget or submitted one plan which create private sector jobs. The only jobs Dumbo has shown any desire to create is patronage jobs for his political supporters.

After three years of no new job creation, it only reasonable to conclude that either Obama has no interest in creating jobs or no ability.

Note Obama has written plan to create diversity in federal hiring but no written plan to create private sector jobs anywhere, from Tina Korbe, Hot Air:

The president won’t present a jobs plan until September (as Ed says, he’ll be working on that while on “vacation” in Martha’s Vineyard), but he today issued an executive order to tackle another top national priority: increasing diversity in the federal workforce.

Like all EOs, the order out-and-out accomplishes little: It merely establishes a “coordinated government-wide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the federal workforce

More, from Lonely Conservative:

President Obama wants us to believe he’s pivoting to jobs. Maybe he is, maybe his new focus is on destroying jobs. Why else would his administration have unleashed 608 regulations in July costing the economy $9.5 billion in red tape

Remember that don’t teach economics at Harvard  Law, they teach regulation.

Obama has not worked, not say I, but rather Charlie Rangel, from Jill, Pundit & Pundette.


It Gets Better, If being like Barney Frank is better, I think I’ll opt for worse, from Kyle Mantyla, Right Wing Watch:

Today in the mail I received a letter from the Family Research Council seeking to use the “It Gets Better” project to outrage right-wing activists into opening their wallets and donating money to FRC.

In it, FRC said it was “disgusting” that the Obama administration would support this effort, calling homosexuality both “immoral” and a “perversion” and accusing activists of using the project in order to “recruit [kids] into that ‘lifestyle'” [obviously, the image below is a composite from the letter itself

Given that the video, which I already linked once, uses Barney Frank as their poster child, I’d call the video’s assertion that thinking that you are homosexual will somehow make you feel better is absurd.    One can  not talk to Frank without a splatter shield and the poor guy seems to be in perpetual state of rage.

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2 Responses to “Breakfast Scramble: Plantation Rumbles”

  1. Thanks for the link!

  2. Everyone should know that in a election year job are not created …..everything goes on hold…….I remember this well ,…..because my dad would always said he was home early because it was an election year and overtime was stopped …. business slowed till they had a clue who was coming in……so this big show on the part of THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY PLANTATION…..to pretend that the moment congress returns jobs will just be born in tin air and the county will be working…..the reality is that the best anyone can do…is come up with a plan …….not hot air plans that the Top Overseer of the Plantation seems to blow up our butts…….substantive plans will do…..but this inexperienced idiot has no plans …..its easy to pat yourself on the back and spread blame like a manure spreader in a wind storm……..much more difficult to really grasp the situation and take advice from your opposition…….It seems that the only jobs the DEMOCRATIC PARTY PLANTATION can come up with is infrastructure…..jobs that start one week and end 3 weeks later……..I believe they need to pull out the bills already past by the resourceful Republicans , the bills that have been tabled by Reid another Overseer with no ideas……there might be some great ideas in those bills……