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Ramble for 7/22/11

College Point, NYC,NY— I’m here dropping off a load of iced tea, and such. Just amazingly hot here, and across the region. We had an earthquake of about 3.0 up around Belleville, Ontario,Canada last night, and I can’t help but wonder if it isn’t heat related.

Before we look at the political stuff today, I should explain that my internet connectivity has been a problem here in the truck the last few days, mostly because of a messed up setting that was kind of buried in the setup of the phone. It’s back now, but there’s also been a lingering problem with the charge cables for the phone which I connect with.

I’ve picked up a new 110v charger to get me by, since I have a couple sources of 110 volts n the truck… but I must say I’m not overly happy about that situation, and I wonder how many others have discovered this issue with their cell phones… since they started using USB cables for charging, I’ve discovered that USB cables can be quite finicky.  I have several cables, now, only one of which actually works, and that one doesn’t always work in the places I plug in. I’m working on it.