Jessup MD– Dropping a load here, then running to Carlisle, PA later. One of the hottest days in recent memory. How long till we hear “Global Warming’s to blame’…. (slap)

  • REPAIRING THE IMAGE:  Glenn Reynolds asks an interesting question, speaking about Obama, and his approval rating which has been below 50% for six straight quarters, now:


    Well, consider John Kennedy. Look, I agree, Obama is no Kennedy, but consider this; the only reason Kennedy was in Dallas was that he was trying to boost his downright abysmal polling numbers. Suddenly, after Dallas, the man is a hero. I’m not suggesting this as a solution, but it’s about all I can come up with that would make him popular, even among liberals. Now, as with Kennedy, Obama’s numbers are far too low to get re-elected, and even the Democrats admit this now.. Thank God for that. Our country won’t survive another Obama term. His legacy will forever be the damage he and his socialist ravings have done to our nation.

  • CARBON FOOTPRINT: Speaking of Glenn, he says:

    I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ONE GODDAMNED THING ABOUT MY CARBON FOOTPRINT: Michelle Obama Flies To Aspen and Back For Fundraiser Tuesday.

    Look, gang, here it is; these morons think we’re just peons…. and we don’t deserve to use energy. And what’s all this about corporate jet use? Did she check this out with Barry, first, I wonder? Clearly it’s more do as I say not as I do.

  • COMPROMISE WITH WHAT? The Gang of Six has laid another broken egg…. If you really think that your opponent is wrong, what do you get when you compromise a position with him? You get nonsense like this. Let’s be clear; The American people don’t want compromise. They want the spending to stop. They recognize they’ve made a major error in giving the keys to the Democrats. They want that error reversed…. and nowhere does that seem more obvious than in the aforementioned approval numbers for Obama.
  • AN AFTERTHOUGHT ON COMPROMISE: Why is it you only hear that word when the Democrats are having their collitive, collectivist heads handed them? Why does compromise always lean to the left?
  • OBAMA WILL NOT ACCEPT SHORT TERM DEAL? That’s the word. In short he caved. We MUST keep these people on their heels, like this. No compromise, no backing down. That should be the message to the GOP. ….FIGHT.  You back off, you lose your job.

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One Response to “Ramble for 7/21/11”

  1. Lest you forget Geraghty’s Law:  All of Obama’s promises come with expiration dates, all of them.