York, PA– I”m at the ES3 warehouse, here waiting for for the load I brought down from Barilla in Avon to be offloaded. At that point I’ll hit the sack and be up around 6am to run a load of Cereal products to the Albany area. It’s hot here at the moment… my truck’s dash indicates 94 degrees.¬† I like it on the warm side but even for me, it’s too hot for sleeping.

  • But…But… I Thought Social Security Was Solvent: Tammy Bruce, who I link here all too infrequently, brings up a point I actually thought of posting a few days ago. (Yeah, I know, but when have you ever heard me say that before?)

    What’s this I hear? If the government can’t borrow more money as of Aug 2nd the President cannot guarantee Social Security checks will be issued on Aug 3rd? I thought the debt ceiling was about paying past debt obligations. More importantly, I’ve been seeing Democrats for years insisting the Social Security system is solvent.

    Then she runs vid sowing exactly that.

    At some point we’re going to learn that the promises of socialism aren’t worth the paper they get printed on.

  • Bye, Mitch: Time to replace Mitch McConnell with someone who has an actual spine. How is it possible he’s not getting the message? Regardless, Ive been noting signs of weakness in this guy in the past, and it’s well past time he be shown the exit.
  • HUH? Headline: “Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and disabled rights advocate sued for ‘humiliating’ visually impaired aide.” WTH?¬† How is that possible? Anyone who still works for that nutcase has no shame, and is therefore impossible to humiliate.
  • ¬†ANOTHER OBAMACARE LIE: Byron York will be writing, I suspect, tomorrow, about this one. He says, via Twitter,

    In ’08 and HCR debate, Obama often said his mother spent her last days fighting insurance cos that sought to deny coverage for treatment.But new book by former NYT reporter shows mother had health insurance that covered treatment…

    So, another lie. Is anyone even mildly surprised?

  • PARTING SHOT(s): Florida Cracker says: I’m glad to see Obama is supporting the 2nd amendment rights of Mexican Drug Lords. Its a start.And, Fred Thompson who says:Obama on debt ceiling: it’s time to “eat our peas”. Probably planning to borrow them from China.

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