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  • LIBERALISM OUT OF A JOB? NOT YET. Richard Fernandez  over at Belmont Club:

    People won’t vote based on the unemployment rate, they’re going to vote based on: “How do I feel about my own situation? Do I believe the president makes decisions based on me and my family?”David Plouffe was responding to news that not only was Recovery Summer not in the offing, but that a Jobless Fall stood at the door:

    Today’s Labor Department report shows that many people are still struggling in the current economy: the unemployment rate rose to 9.2 percent in June, and the economy generated just 18,000 net new jobs last month — making it the slowest month for job creation in nine months.

    Since World War II, the only president to win re-election when the unemployment rate was over 7.2 percent was Ronald Reagan, and the rate was falling when Reagan won a second term in 1984.

    While the economy will certainly be at the forefront of political debate in the next election, Plouffe said Wednesday that the presidential election will be more forward-looking.

    “Their decision next year will be based upon two things,” he said. “How do I feel about things right now and then, ultimately, campaigns are always much more about the future and who do I think has got the best idea, the best vision for where to take the country?”

    Plouffe was putting the best face on a catastrophe. There was nothing to do but dodge and weave. The president indirectly blamed Congress’ reluctance to increase the debt ceiling for the bad economic news:

    President Obama pointed to the disappointing jobs report out Friday morning to make the case for quick action on a deal to increase the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt ceiling, saying that “the sooner that the markets know” a deal is done, the sooner they will have “the certainty that they will need in order to make additional investments to grow and to hire.”

    But he must know in his heart of hearts that barring some unforeseen stroke of luck, the “recovery” is finished.

    I’d not be so sure, Richard. You can get yourself into some very serious trouble attributing logical thought to liberals, in whose domain logic accounts for naught. As an example, how many cars…. Japanese cars, Volvos and such being prevalent) are still sporting Obama/Biden bumper stickers, even after all the damage the ideology currently figureheaded by Obama has caused our country?

    (Personally, if I see such a bumper sticker, I do try to keep well clear of the car and driver it’s attached to…. anyone still wearing their overt support for Obama and his politics, in spite  of the clear evidence,  is clearly incapable of any thought at all, much less the complex and sometimes dangerous task of driving.)

    Take, as another example,  that blithering moron, Matthew Yglesias who can always be counted on to defend the left no matter how nonsensical and self-contradicting his arguments get. The question then, is not “has the case against what passes for liberalism, which is in fact socialism, been proven?” … since it’s been well proven many times over, both historically, and currently…. but rather, “Is there enough people with a brain in their head, to turn the tide at the next election?”

    That, my friends, remains an open question.

  • BETTY FORD: I was sad to note her passing the other day. I gather her memorial will be held tomorrow.
  • SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE: Such as racists. Reverend Wright tells church youth that all whites are liars — http://dld.bz/afUwT
  • OBAMA’S WELFARE REFORM MOMENT:jimgeraghty points up:

    For Obama, big nondefense spending cuts would be what welfare reform was to Clinton in 1996. But Obama isn’t Clinton, so he won’t go for it.

    Well, Jim, look, it’s really simpler than that, even. When is the last time a Democrat actually cut a non-defense program? I suggest it’s never happened. And no, the aforementioned welfare reform wouldn’t have happened without the Republicans. Clinton likes to claim credit, but I suggest that by two means may a lefist be in front of a crowd… he may like you to think it’s a parade he’s leading, but chances are better than 50/50 it’s a lynch mob, chasing him.

  • GUN RUNNER: Allen West says Obama must remove Eric Holder from office, or he’s complicit with Fast and Furious cover-up – http://ht.ly/5AMVF Actually, he’s complicit either way. Whose ideology are we talking about, here, after all?
  • STUPID? REALLY? Steve Benen calling Reince Priebus “dangerously stupid, melts my Irony meter. — http://dld.bz/agaTv
  • Parting Shot:Delivered by Jim Treacher: Hugo Chavez has colon cancer. You’d think Sean Penn would’ve noticed a change in its flavor.

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