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Breakfast Scramble: Obama’s Addiction to Your Taxes

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Dumbo stuck on higher taxes. Barack Obama is addicted to the idea of big government,from James Pethokoukis, Beuters [1]:

But Obama’s tax obsession becomes understandable when you realize the long game he’s playing: Big Taxes to fund Big Government. Decade after decade. See, it’s an almost universal belief among left-of-center journalists, economists, policymakers and politicians that Americans must pay higher taxes in coming years to cover the medical expenses of its aging population – not to mention all sorts of brand new social spending and green “investment.” Dramatically higher taxes. On everybody. And if we have a debt crisis, maybe those tax increases come sooner rather than later.

Time to break Washington’s  addiction to you tax dollars.

Washington Post stuck on stupid, Stacy McCain not so much, from Other McCain [2]:

Pregnancy Is Not a Disease and Contraception Is Not ‘Health Care’

Why, therefore, does Obama want to make insurance coverage for birth control mandatory [3]?

Note to the WaPo, contraception is a commodity and the can be  no such thing as a free commodity.   Obaam Care contraception is not free but rather included in the premiums.

If the lovely Mrs Other McCain becomes with child, it up to Stacy to foot her medical bill.
Testy Brewer stuck on blond, video:

Hat tip: Bruce McQuain, Questions and Observations [4].