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Is Hope Dead? From the Sharp Tack Clarice Feldman, American Thinker:

This was the kind of week where any self-respecting 2008 Obama supporter who had not yet yanked off his Obama-Biden Bumper sticker should have been in his garage scraping off that old Hope and Change.

It began on Monday when he insisted on a “grand bargain” that would include , in his words, “massive , job-killing tax increases.” It was the first honest explanation of his economic plan but surely it was no surprise that his opponents found it an unappealing course of action.

The only job about which Obama cares is his own.

Jane Fonda sitting at gun

Jane Fonda thinks she is hated. I don’t think hate is the right word. I don’t hate Fnoda. She not worthy of the emotion. I simply consider Fonda to be a traitor and consider hanging to be proper punishment for treason.

In the dark on light bulbs, from Byran Walsh Time:

There’s dumb, there’s dumber and then there are the House Republicans—nearly all of them—who voted this morning to set the U.S. back on energy efficiency. By a quick voice vote, the House approved an amendment that would prevent funds from a 2012 spending bill to be used to implement federal light bulb standards. The amendment came after a similar separate bill failed to garner a two-thirds supermajority earlier this week in the House—although it did win a simple majority and all but 10 Republicans in the House voted for it, along with five Democrat

Silly and stupid of Mr. Walsh,  when Thoma Edison actually invented a better source of light, he did not need the state to make the oil lamp illegal.   Likewise, when somebody actually invents a better light bulb I, and millions of like minded consumers, will voluntarily buy them.   Till then, what kind of light bulb I choose to buy is none of the state’s business..

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