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Breakfast Scramble: Hope Loses Plouffe

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Hope goes Plouffe from Ian Swanson, Hill [1]:

President Obama’s senior political adviser David Plouffe said Wednesday that people won’t vote in 2012 based on the unemployment rate.

Plouffe should probably hope that’s the case, since dismal job figures aren’t expected to get any better for Obama and the economy on Friday.


The jobs report released on Friday showed the economy added only 18,000 jobs, much less than anticipated. The unemployment rate creeped up to 9.2 percent.]

Take home points:

How to Gipperize the Economy, while the Obami are up a stump on the economy Fred Barnes reviews on Ronald Reagan repaired an economy, from Wall Street Journal [2]:

So here are the two relevant lessons for the ongoing discussions on raising the debt ceiling between Congress and the White House: 1) spending does little to spur economic growth and job creation and 2) cuts are fleeting and quickly overwhelmed by more spending. Thus the solution to the spending problem is straightforward: Rather than temporary cuts, what’s needed are a permanent cap on spending and structural changes in entitlement programs.

Team Romney’s quick counterstrike, video:

Hat tip: Allah Pundit, Hot Air [3].