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Breakfast Scramble: Dirty Harry Reid Owns Default.

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Where’s your plan Dirty Harry? Dirty Harry Reid owns default, from Paul Conner, Daily Caller [1]:

The Senate voted down a House-approved bill to raise the debt ceiling, leaving the ball in the court of Senate leadership to produce a deficit reduction bill, with just days before the Aug. 2 deadline. The vote was 59-41.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid followed through on his promise to kill the bill, pushed through the House a day late by House Speaker John Boehner. The White House, which has thrown its weight behind a Reid proposal, had promised to veto the bill had it miraculously passed the Senate.

Brave stand for a leader who has not passed a budget in over two years.   The ‘pub made one mistake.   They should have adjourned the House and hidden out it Rockford, Illinios.    The House has passed two debt ceiling increases.  It time the Senate to pass one.

So how’s that first black president working out for ya? You can’t eat empathy. Sure empathy is nice, but sure does not trump competence. While Dumbo may have plenty of the former, for some, he surely lacks the latter for all, from John Robers, Fox News [2]

The unemployment situation across America is bad, no doubt. But for African-Americans in some cities, this is not the great recession. It’s the Great Depression [3].

[4]How’s that Tweeter thing working for ya, Mr. President?   From Jon Bershad, Mediaite [5]:

Yeah well, today, President Obama’s campaign staff is kind of like that as they’ve initiated a day-long project to tweet out the Twitter names of every Republican Congressmen state by state…in individual tweets.

Great idea to help people contact their representation, right? The 10,000 people who have unfollowed Obama in the past few hours seem to disagree

Hat tip and more:  Professor William Jacobson, Legal Insurrection [6]:

This is laughable and childish.  But it’s what passes for presidential leadership these days.

I’d suspect this was just the Tweet that broke the donkey’s back.

Moral support from Barney Frank?  Sure!  From a clearly confused Ben Smith, Politico [7]:

With the Massachusetts Democratic Party attacking Senator Scott Brown for refusing to film a video for the “It Gets Better Project,” which offers moral support to gay teens, the National Republican Senatorial Committee came to Brown’s defense today with a shot at the project’s founder, Dan Savage.

So how does sending the message to sexually confused youth that they doomed to end up like Barney Smith be considered as moral support?   On what planet? View the video:

Just how many parent really want to see their teenager grow up to be like Barney Frank, and run their own house of prostitution, male or otherwise?