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Warmists full of hot air, a twofer from Ed Morrissey, Hot Air:

Two stories have dropped that may blow big holes in the anthropogenic global warming argument — one of which is literally sky-high. Forbes reports on a peer-reviewed study that uses NASA data to show that the effects of carbon-based warming have been significantly exaggerated. In fact, much of the heat goes out into space rather than stay trapped in the atmosphere, an outcome that started long before AGW alarmists predicted.


Spencer’s study rebuts some poor but probably sincere assumptions from AGW theorists. Not every researcher falls into that category, however. The AP reports today that one researcher whose work “galvanized” AGW hysteria over the fate of polar bears has suddenly been suspended as his work on that claim has come under scrutiny for potential scientific misconduct:

Lamers’ double standards, from Mike McNally, Pajamas Media:

However, in one sense yesterday’s attacks are the exception that proves the “BBC rule.” If the gunman (who is also thought to be responsible for the bombing) had been of Middle Eastern appearance, and had shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he mowed down his victims, today many in the media would still be speculating about a possible motive, and the authorities would be urging us not to jump to conclusions, as was the case with Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan. But Norwegian police and media were reporting the “right-wing” connection within hours of the attacks, and by first thing this morning officials were describing the perpetrator, Anders Behring Breivik, as “a right-wing fundamentalist Christian.”

The rush to get Breivik’s profile out their suggests an eagerness to exonerate Muslims by the authorities, and the regularity with which the “right-wing” connection is being repeated by the media suggests both relief and relish: not only do we not have to report bad things about Muslims, we get open season on right-wingers.

Caution need not apply if the suspect is a white male Christian,  who was ever seen once in church.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the Religion of Peace strikes again, from Andrew Malcolm, Los Angeles Times:

Texas police say a newly arrested Muslim American Army private has admitted planning to attack fellow troops at the famous Ft. Hood Army base in Killeen.

Following a tip from a suspicious retired police officer now working at a local gun shop, Killeen police arrested Pfc. Naser Jason Abdo on Wednesday during a traffic stop.
He’ll probably face federal charges after FBI agents reported finding a large amount of bomb-making materials in his hotel room not far from the base.

San Francisco voters told to butt out of medical affairs. Some small glimmer of sanity in the City by the Bay, from AFP:

SAN FRANCISCO — A US judge ruled Thursday that a proposal to ban male circumcision in San Francisco should not be put to a referendum later this year, despite having secured the necessary support .

The ballot initiative, which made the November ballot after “intactivist” supporters gathered the required 7,000 signatures this spring, would have made the circumcision of minors a misdemeanor except in cases of medical necessity.

To the citizens of San Francisco, if you don’t like circumcision, don’t have one.

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