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Tweets of the Day (With Comments)

HeyTammyBruce [1] Tammy Bruce
Friendly Newsflash for @MicheleBachmann [2]–what ur doing is beneath you & the GOP Machine *will* betray you. Consider that as you proceed
Heritage [3] Heritage Foundation
CBO Figures Once Again Prove Tax Hikes Unnecessary to Fix Budget http://herit.ag/oaD [4]
Drudge_Report [5] Drudge Report
Obama hits golf course for 75th time… http://drudge.tw/iGHPpF [6]
(yeah, really. What if Bush had hit the links 75 times?)
RightWingNews [7] RightWingNews
Dems Plan Proves Medicare Dead by 2024 — http://dld.bz/aexbP [8]
jtLOL [9] ‘Jim’ ‘Treacher’
If you want to know what the left is doing, watch what they accuse their opponents of doing.  Including the accusation of that very tactic.
(He’s talking of course about the Dems intentionally crashing our economy, as I have been talking about for months now. )
Drudge_Report [5] Drudge Report
Drudge_Report [5] Drudge Report
TSA orders woman, 95, to remove adult diaper during 45-minute security search… http://drudge.tw/mEOrs6 [11]
(We can’t search the obvious targets but we can seach the scat of 85 year old women? Ask me again why I don’t fly, all right?)
jahbalon [12] jahbalon

by Smalltalkwitht
Allen West: Palestinians do NOT deserve a state: bit.ly/kQfc9K [13]
politico [14] POLITICO
Bachmann says a poll showing her near the top of the pack in Iowa is proof that she is a serious candidate: http://politi.co/mEXNwQ [15]
(the other possibility is that Romeny, the guy listed as number one in that poll,  isn’t.)
jmguardia [16] Jose M Guardia
News of the weird: RT @scartn [17]: Woman Dies At Her Own Funeral. http://huff.to/lkXwCi [18]
(ummmm okaaaayyy)
MelissaTweets [19] Melissa Clouthier
RT @Ben_Howe [20]: I don’t know ONE person on the right that is excited about Jon Huntsman.  Not one.  How is this guy in the news?
(Me, neither.. and do you really not know why the press is falling all over this guy?)
RightWingNews [7] RightWingNews
President Barack Obama’s complete list of historic firsts — http://dld.bz/aehPy [21]
oxfamamerica [22] Oxfam America

by Tokyo_Tom
Our reps are at the Dave Matthews Caravan EcoVillage this weekend in Atlantic City. Look for them and take action!  twitpic.com/5gqhbo [23]
(Yeah. Just stay out from under bridges they’re driving over [24], OK?)