Horseheads,NY– This is one of those places you wonder “How’d  they come up with that name?” Cooler and windy today, with Showers on and off. One more trip I think, then to the house. Gotta get the camper ready for Next weekend, and the truck ready for Alex’s ride-along with me next week.

  • TAXES: The NY TIMES is complaining thes morning about Cantor and other Republicans backing away from the budget talks:

    It has been obvious all along that cutting government services alone is not a solution to either the budget deficit or the mounting national debt. The Democrats, at least, acknowledged that reality at the bargaining table by saying that along with the cuts the Republicans cherish, there would have to be increases in revenue — an end to unnecessary tax loopholes for corporations or the rich.

    Those demands were modest — too modest — and Vice President Joseph Biden Jr., who is leading the talks, said they were making progress. But any compromise at all proved too much for the Republicans.

    Mr. Cantor said that because he and the House would not support a tax increase, he was walking out of the talks until President Obama “resolved” the tax issue himself with House Speaker John Boehner. In other words, Mr. Cantor and Mr. Kyl preferred striking a Tea Party pose to the hard work of reaching a deal.

    You see, there was an election, just recently… one the Democrats… and in this I include the NY Times, wherein we learned the American voters want the tax and spend nonsense to stop.

    And compromise? After nearly a half Century of Democrat party “cram it down their throat” governance, to now hear them complain that the GOP is being obstructionist and unfair is highly absurd at least, and in trith an outright lie… one I’m not shocked at all to see the forever left-leaning Times playing party to.

  • WORKERS LOSE UNIONS WIN IN NEW HAMPSHIRE: I see the Union thugs have another victory against the American Worker. THen again, given the long string of liberal judicial appointees in NH, that comes as no surprise.

    McCain was uniquely positioned to run the kind of campaign he did. Huntsman isn’t. 

    Perhaps. But heck, it wasn’t working in 08,when our economy was in much better shape than the post Obama-elevation America… and it wasn’t even wanted then, mush less now.

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