(Levittown, Long Island, NY )– Yeah, it’s warm. Must be June. This year is flying by. I came in here last night and slept until the morning when I got unloaded. I’ll be heading out in a few minutes. Im posting this from my Palm Pre today, so no pics.

  • Clayton Cramer notes California has a short-sighted prison policy. Frankly, I’m unconvinced it’s all that different from most California policy. Why should corrections be the exception?
  • When even Steve Verdon is forced to admit it….
  • Paul A. Rahe:

    There are times – let’s face it – when one woman or man may be as good as another. Virtually any Republican in office (apart from Ron Paul) would be more serviceable as President than the current incumbent. But there are other times when one woman or man is not as good as another. George Washington brought something to the Presidency that no one else could have brought, and it may have made all the difference. Abraham Lincoln did the same in circumstances that were even more trying. 

    We are not in a crisis as grievous as the crises that these two Presidents faced. The survival of the Union is not at stake. But I believe that there is a great deal on the line – as much as, if not more than at any point in my lifetime. We face a grave crisis, and every such crisis is a golden opportunity.

    If President Obama is re-elected, I fear that the die will be cast – that we will go the way of Europe: dependency, crony capitalism, personal irresponsibility, economic stagnation, and military weakness. We are already a long way down that road. What Barack Obama is doing may make our further progress down that road irreversible.

    If, on the other hand, we elect a Bob Dole clone Рsomeone more serviceable than the incumbent who would be content to be the tax collector for the welfare state (a category that has long encompassed most Republicans) Рthere will be a pause in our progress down the road to perdition. But it will only be the kind of pause necessary from time to time if a man on the march is to catch his breath and pull himself together for further marching. The direction will remain the same. The only thing at stake would be the pace. That is what we chose when we elected Eisenhower, Nixon, Bush p̬re, and Bush fils. Every single President on this list increased the size and the scope of the administrative state Рjust not as much and not as fast as their Democratic opponents would have done.

    One quibble: I think we ARE in fact, in poop just as deep as in Washigton’s day and Lincoln’s… and I think its going to take that stature of person to solve our current problems.  That aside, look again….I note the exception here …. the person not on that list of his….is Reagan. Think on that for a moment.

    Now, look, Rahe isn’t the only one who sees this problem. The American voter in large part does, as well, which is exactly why I sad what I did on the 31st. (Go and read it if you haven’t…. it’s important.) Are you listening, GOP?

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