Denver, PA– Hot here today. My truck’s info center advises me it’s 90degrees out here in the parking lot. Like I needed that info, thanks very much, Truck. From here to Carlisle, PA, I think.

  • UNEXPECTEDLY? There’s that word again in today’s headlines.

    In a report, the U.S. Department of Labor said the number of individuals filing for initial jobless benefits in the week ending June 18 rose by 9K to a seasonally adjusted 429K, confounding expectations for a decline to 410K.

    We keep seeing this word from the Lamestream Media, when talking about the economy. Tell me, how many times must you be shocked and surprised by Obama’s leftist policies not working before it becomes a given? Apparently, the number is greater than listed here.

    There’s another point to be made here. We keep seeing ‘Revised” figures. Reynolds says it well:

    Plus this: “The previous week’s figure was revised up to 420K from 414K.” Meaning that last week’s “good news” — a slight drop — was essentially bogus. More here, including this: “A Labor Department official said technical problems had resulted in claims for six states being estimated last week.”

    The Technical problem is the occupant of the White House who desperately needs to be seen as a success…. so once the big headlines come out telling us how rosy everything is, the truth sneaks out when nobody’s watching. It’s been going on for two years, now. The public knows it’s being lied to. Why can’t the lamestream media admit it? You know why… the trth doesn’t support the liberal agenda.

  • GRIN: Geert Wilders won his case. The sad part here is that I’d not expect a ruling of this sort in today’s US.
  • Private emails detail Obama admin involvement in cutting non-union worker pensions post-GM bailout Says the Daily Caller
  • ATTENTION AL GORE: If you’re still believing that crackpot “overpopulation” theory, why are you still part of the problem? Kill yourself and be part of the solution.

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