Capitol Heights, MD– As this is written, I’m perhaps 10 miles from the monument district in Washington DC…. The very belly of the beast.  I’m delivering here, and will run to Harrisburg shortly and then to home for the weekend.


  • Unraveling the Ethanol Nightmare: I note with interest that the Senate… yes, the Democrat controlled Senate, votes to kill off tax breaks for Ethanol.

    The Senate voted 73-27 to end the 45-cent break refiners receive for each gallon of ethanol they blend with gasoline and to scrap a 54-cent tariff on imported ethanol. The subsidy is worth roughly $6 billion a year to the ethanol industry. The Joint Committee on Taxation estimates ending it by July would save $2.4 billion over the rest of the year.

    Now of course the Democrats are busy trying to raise taxes, not to create a stable energy policy…. but it does point up the folly of setting up energy infrastructure based on tax breaks, since they eventually go away and any advantage they might have had is lost. David has already pointed up often enough how foolish this push for ethanol in particular was, in any event.  But I can’t help but wonder if we’ll now see large increases of ethanol showing up from Brazil.

  • SHUT UP, MITT: With any luck and common bloody sense, Americans will keep him unemployed and actually put someone forward who will act like a conservative.
  • I called it: Tim Pawlenty admits he blew it with Romney as I suggested the other day in my initial reax to the debate. He’s got a tweet up saying:

    “On seizing debate opportunity re: healthcare: Me 0, Mitt 1. On doing healthcare reform the right way as governor: Me 1, Mitt 0” 

    OK, he’s got a point, but he really needed both points to get anyway. That won’t cut it, Tim.

  • WHERE ELSE BUT THE HUFF AND PUFF? A publicly made Job offer to Anthony Weiner from… yep… world class slimeball Larry Flynt. Yeah, that figures.Figures, too that the HuffPo would publish it. Birds of a feather and all that. They all deserve each other. (spit)
  • NEW LAYOFFS COMING: Gee, has the lesson about what companies do with profits been learned yet, do you suppose? Not by this misadministration and it’s dim-witted supporters. Hint: when company profits go down, so do the employment numbers.

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3 Responses to “Ramble for 6/17/11”

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  2. Jim you are rightnone of them know what they are talking about. They all have said stupid stuff that they do not have a clue.  I have spent my whole adult life as an RN and I can tell you no one goes without care.  People think children die if the parents don`t have the money for chemo and other treatments and that`s the scare tactic Kennedy,Fag Frank uses.  And then there are the people who abuse the system just to ride in to the ER via ambulance, get a cheseburger,warm place to sleep,a ride home in a taxi all paid for by the tax payer. all the while to prevent a lawsuit all the expensive tests have been performed.  These are repeatersthat is the SHIT Obama needs to stop!!

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