Ft Lee, NJ– Taking a quick break from from driving, and thought I’d toss a ramble together. Hot down here, and getting hotter. Supposed to be thunderstorms around here soon. Figures. I just washed the truck, right?

  • Wow… I forgot all about this. I was reminded in looking through some inbound links, that BitsBlog was listed in Virology’s top ten Political Bloggers a couple years ago. I don’t think I ever mentioned it at the time.  I must admit it gave me a bit of a smile.
  • What will unions do now? So asks Ann Althouse. Answer, though, is simple; THe same kind of violence and intemidation tactics that they used the last time they were on the outs. And given that out union dominated classrooms refuse to tell the truth about unions, we’ll be forced to repeat that history at some point.
  • SITYS: Seems some people are starting to come to the same conclusions I came to two years ago about Bush’s policies in the war on Militant Islam. And remember, now…. what else I said this would lead to:

    In fact, I predict Obama’s approval ratings will be staggeringly low in four years. Already, there are strangled screams of betrayal coming from the far left. They see what’s coming, though they won’t yet say as much because the honeymoon isn’t over. There’s a rather nasty reaction coming, however, which I predict is not long off. We’re about to see it in its full-throated roar.

    And so it is. Does anyone think this duplicity won’t be mentioned in the upcoming campaign?

  • We’ll miss you, Clarence. Clarence Clemons is gone.
  • PERRY, PERRY, PERRY: Rick Perry is apparently getting the message.

    “It saddens me, sometimes, when my fellow Republicans duck and cover in the face of pressure from the left,” Mr. Perry said, urging activists not to separate economic and social priorities. “We need to redouble our efforts to elect more conservative Republicans.” 

    About blinking time someone came out swinging.

    His scathing broadside against the Obama administration, which he called “a mix of arrogance and audacity that is an affront to every freedom-loving American,” is precisely the message that many Republican activists say is missing from the field of candidates. “Americans voted for hope and got nothing more than greater economic misery,” he said. 

    His campaign pitch, should he decide to run, would be rooted in an equal measure of inspiring economic growth and preserving social values. He did not mention that Texas ranks near the bottom on several measures, including among the lowest in education funding per student and spending on the environment. But he sought to highlight legislative accomplishments like requiring voters to have ID cards.

    “Our loudest opponents on the left are never going to like us, so let’s quit trying to curry favor with them,” Mr. Perry said

    Amen and Amen. I’ve said exactly that here more times than I can count

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  1. Had him figured out before the election which is why I didnt vote for him.