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Algore, from Walter Russell Mead American Interest:

It must be as perplexing to his many admirers as it is frustrating to himself that a man of Vice President Gore’s many talents, great skills and strong beliefs is one of the most consistent losers in American politics.

Algore suppoter, no.  Perplexded, no.   About what one would expect from a seminary school drop-out.

More Wally World, from Scott Lemieux, American Prospect:

This week, the Supreme Court threw out a class-action lawsuit against retail giant Wal-Mart, which had been accused of systematically discriminating against women. As many commentators have noted, the Court’s broad ruling will make it more difficult for victims of discrimination to file class-action suits—and, as National Journal reports, probably spur more, and costlier, litigation.

Plaintiffs lawyers wanted to certify one and half million current and former Wal-Mart females employees as a class,yet could only find three real live plaintiffs.  If as plaintiffs lawyers contended, Wal-Mart was systematically discriminating against over a million women employees, you would think that a competent and sober plaintiffs’ lawyer could find more than three real victims.

Dumbo in thirty seconds, Karl Rove strikes, video:

Hat tip: Daily Caller.

from RS McCain, Other McCain, video:

You don’t have to stupid to be democrat, but certainly helps.  Sure every child deserves a high quality education, unless they have not yet been born or live in the District of Columbia

Rebut, from Mark Ciavola, Conservative New Media:

Student #4: ” … because I believe in every child has a right to a fair and high quality education.”

This sounds nice, but in practice the Democrats oppose charter schools, school vouchers, or any other mechanism through which parents can ensure their children get a fair and high quality education. The Democrats only want children going to public schools, which employ public teachers, with public dollars, little accountability, and shoddy results.

Republicans believe parents should be able to choose where their child goes to school. Instead of the government giving the public school $8,000 per child, let’s give that money to the parents to use at the school of their choice. “NO!”  says the Democrat, who realizes that after 30-years of liberal dominance in education, their meal ticket is coming to an end.

Cut wasteful spending? Use technology to improve education? Use online supplements? Performance-based merit pay increases? “HELL NO,” say the Democrats, in the form of powerful teachers unions.

Republicans believe in returning control of school districts to the state, county, and local levels – rather than a one-size-fits-all plan from the federal government. “NO WAY,” say the union-backed Democrats.

As I see it, you can either support public employee teachers unions or quality education.  Democrats claim to support both.

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