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The Ramble for 5/9/11

Mountaintop, PA– I’m here at the Quaker Oats facility in Mountaintop.  After weeks of rain, we’ve got some serious sunshine, and it’s a welcome thing. We’ll see middle 60’s around here today. I’ll be in New Jersey, tonight.


A glorious view from Mountaintop, PA (Drill for full size)

Got the truck washed this morning, it looks wonderful. Things with the truck continue to come together and I’m nothing but pleased. I took Friday off, which allowed the wrenches to spend some quality time with it, and they managed to get lots working that wasn’t. Bloody miracle workers those guys… And I got to spend some quality time with Donna, in the bargain, which is something I’ve not had much chance to do of late. We had a whole weekend together, which is something that is of a premium with this job.

We got to spend some time with my Mom, as well, being Mother’s day. All in all a fine weekend, and I’m refreshed and ready to go.

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