Middle Village, NYC,NY– It’s an OK place, but I don’t know as I’d want to live here. Too damned crowded for one thing. I’m here unloading at a mall, after having driven in in the small hours of  the morning… which if you’re driving anything larger than a pair of roller skates is decidedly the easiest way to get in here. Now, trouble is, I’ll be leaving here in the afternoon rush hour. (sigh)


  • NOBODY KNEW? REALLY? Gates says there’s no evidence that Pakistani authorities knew Bin Laden was hiding in their country.   So, the whole thing hangs on legally plausible deny-ability?  Utter bull and everyone knows it. I’ll bet the left wonders why the rest of the world isn’t taking the US seriously, anymore, huh?
  • OBAMA THE DUMBER: David tossed in the Scramble this morning, word of Oama trying to slap the hands of the Boston Herald. He’s right arrogance is the word.  Nixonian, in nature and most certainly elitist.  There’s a number of dictators around the world both currently and in history who play that game with Impunity. Two problems with that here: !: Despite Obama’s best efforts this is still (barely) America. Secondly, Obama’s smarts simply don’t measure up to hose other dictators.
  • WELCOME TO HOPE AND CHANGE: That now seems to include the rest of the world.
  • GOVERNMENT GUN RUNNING: What we have here is an ATF operation at the behest of the White House, in which ATF operatives ran guns to drug runners in Mexico to “prove” that gun shops along the border were a problem. Of course now that the word is out, the whole thing is getting buried.
  • ANOTHER BS STUDY: I call BS in this “study”, that Glenn mentions.  There’s a good reason why some want Target listed as cheaper than Wal-Mart. Target is union friendly, and donates heavily to leftists. Wal-Mart does not, and isn’t. It’s that simple.
  • A PREDICTION FOR THE NEXT ELECTION: The Democrats are in deep doo-doo, and know it very well. Watch for “Voter fraud” to be an issue talked about by Democrats.  Here a reality bat to hit ’em over the head with: The only vote fraud in recent years on the national scene, has been created by Democrats in support of Democrats. Philly’s Black Panthers local “guarding” vote booths with clubs in hand leaps to mind.


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