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The Ramble for 5-12-11

Syracuse,NY– Been a long day. Been a long week, in fact.  I’m here at the Pilot in Syracuse, waiting for an offload scheduled for 9am tomorrow The truck continues to impress me, and other than short miles this week…. which I pretty much expected, given the late start on Monday.  I hope I can get in one more out and back before I’m done. I need the miles.

I’m cooking up some dinner and watching the steady parade of trucks and drivers looking for a spot to park.  Pasta with sauce, some bread. I could use a salad, but what I have here will do.

This is the only truck stop worth mentioning in the area, and it’s always jammed. I was damned lucky to have found a spot at 6pm when I got here. It’s now just after 10pm and the search for a spot to stop and rest is now somewhat panicked.  It’s amazing to me how much we depend on trucks and their drivers to move goods around, but how many communities don’t provide enough in the way of facilities for them. The search for a parking spot often gets hours long. And God help you, should you get to be beyond your federally mandated drive time limts during that search. (Sigh)