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Ramble for 5/2/11

Harford,PA Today I’m at the Flying J truck stop in Harford, along I-81. I ran from Rochester, down to Carlisle PA and am currently running up toward Albany.


Stopped for the night

I got the antennas fixed on the truck last week, and so was able to take the emergency spare, that I’d put up, down.  It turns out, that this truck uses a rather unique splitter arrangement, which feeds both the CB antenna leads and the AM/FM/WX radio through the CB antennas mounted on the mirror. the result is far less sticking up in the the air, though there are some other problems with come up with it.  I had taken the truck to a radio shop, to get the CB antenna lead repaired, having broken it the week before.  As it turned out, over the years since this truck has been in service, both of the antennas had also broken.  I replaced them with some rather inexpensive Shakespeare whips, and they work fine.  I went cheaper here because really, the performance isn’t that mush less and breaking one isn’t the end of the world, given the price. The CB works as well as it ever did on the single spare antenna, and the AM/FM/WX now works surprisingly well. I’ve been able to hear NYC stations in the daytime and what they ahve to say about the BinLaden thing, which I’ll gt to.

I have a few new bumps and scratches that I’ll want to take care of, but we’ll he ‘re coming up on the summer months, anyway, and I suspect I will have some time to solve those issues when I bring it home to detail it in my driveway.  One big issue right now is getting the paint matched.  As you can see the blue is fairly unique.  I am surprised at the support that I’m getting from the ownership in that effort.  And to say the very least, pleased. They seem pleased ‘m making the effort to keep the truck looking good.

The next major repair effort is to get the APU fully functional.  The generator, at the moment, needs replacement; I don’t have my AC power (110v) working.   I have arranged to take this coming Friday, the sixth, off.  That will give the wrenches a chance to see what the problem is and try to repair it. That will be a massive help, since it will allow me to use the microwave and the coffee pot that I have installed in the truck over a month ago, and haven’t had the chance to use yet.  At the very least it’ll save me a pile of change on food.

The leather seat is starting to show signs of wear, this seams are starting to let go.  I’ve got to see if I can find a sewing kit to deal with that problem.  I’d really rather not change over to a cloth seat at this point. Management isn’t likely to go to the premium leather seating as a replacement.   For one thing, I like the leather, secondly I like the multiple adjustable nature in this seat, which is one of the major features to the truck, in my point of view.  Keeps my back from getting too far out of whack.

I got new pillow cases last week, the entire interior of the truck is done in various shades of tan so I got maroon cases which work very nicely with the colors the truck already has.

The only other problem that I’ve been having with this truck, is its tendency to backfire when running around 1200 to 1300 RPM, under a load. The head wrench, whom I have endless respect for advises me that I really shouldn’t be running it down that far in the range, and yet every spec sheet I can find has a tour curve that peaks at 1300.  I’m sure I’ll get a handle on it, eventually.  For now, I simply keep the RPM ove 1300, and it seems happy enough.  In the meantime, I must say I’m enjoying this very powerful and very comfortable truck.  Once I get it details, I’ll post some pictures of the interior.

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