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MoDo gets it.  How bloody obvious is the War on Terror when even Maureen Dowd gets it, from New York Times:

I don’t want closure. There is no closure after tragedy.

I want memory, and justice, and revenge.

When you’re dealing with a mass murderer who bragged about incinerating thousands of Americans and planned to kill countless more, that seems like the only civilized and morally sound response.

I don’t normally have much use for the redheaded version of Katie Couric, but when MoDo is right,  I will give her credit.

The Obami don’t get it,  Wesley Pruden, Washington Times:

What a roller coaster ride: Osama bin Laden engaged the SEALs in a firefight. Well, no, actually, it turns out he didn’t. But he did seize a woman, probably one of his wives, to use as a human shield. Uh, well, actually he didn’t do that, either. But he was armed, we know that for sure. Ummm, no, not really. OK, but we’re positive that woman was killed. Uh, not exactly. But we definitely, positively, absolutely know that Osama is dead. We have the photographs to prove it and the public can see them. Er, no, not quite. The president has them but you can’t see them. Everybody will just have to take his word for it.

That won’t happen, either. There was a time when everybody took a president’s word for everything. But nobody trusts the government on anything anymore. Lies have withered public patience. Too bad, Mr. President,

The Obami can’t keep there story straight.  Personally, I am waiting for the Tom Clancy book.  And you?

Neither does Chomsky,  William Teach, Pirates Cove:

Noam Chomsky Has His Osama’s Dead Liberal Talking Points Down Pat

Can we assume that Noam Chomsky will NOT be voting for Obama again?

Amusing Google search of the day, Norm Chumpski.

Neither does Charles, video:

Hat tip:  [not so] Nice Deb.

A quickie in the morning, from Rochester Now:

A suspected bank robber was apprehended just moments after he allegedly robbed an Irondequoit bank this morning.

Police say John K. Sabuncu, 44, of Rochester, walked into First Niagara Bank at 1000 East Ridge Road in Irondequoit at 9:55 this morning and handed a bank employee a note demanding money and saying he had a weapon.

Irondequoit police Sgt. Todd Fitzsimmons said Sabuncu was given an undetermined amount of cash and left in a car. At 10:03, Fitzsimmons said, a Rochester police officer pulled Sabuncu’s car over on Phelps Street in the city and arrested him.

What took you so officer?

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