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Obama does AIPAC, from Jennifer Rubin Washington Post:

The problems in the speech include: 1) Obama made it clear the United States is willing to give away Israel’s bargaining position for nothing in return; 2) Obama never even mentioned the right of return; 3) He did not reiterate specifically the necessity of a military presence in the Jordan Valley. You see, only Israel’s expected concessions are “well known”; 4) Israel can’t be expected to negotiate with those who want to destroy it, but negotiations need to resume; and 5) if anything Obama underscored that the United States has differences with Israel — but it’s between “friends.”

Hope  is for dopes, Gary Youngs, Nation:

Polls show that African-Americans indeed look at themselves differently. A January 2010 Pew survey revealed huge optimism. The percentage of black Americans who thought blacks were better off than they were five years before had almost doubled since 2007. There were also significant increases in the percentages who believed the standard-of-living gap between whites and blacks was decreasing.

But for all the ways black America has felt better about itself and looked better to others, it has not actually fared better. In fact, it has been doing worse. The economic gap between black and white has grown since Obama took power. Under his tenure black unemployment, poverty and foreclosures are at their highest levels for at least a decade

You know what hope is worth?   Well hope and dollar, plus applicable sales tax, will get you a cup of  coffee at McDonald’s.    Success if based on doing.   All attempts to improve socioeconomic status by virtue of hope are pointless.

The United States has black President, who happens to be an overt racism.  Yet having a racist black President has only made the black socioeconomic condition worse.    Consider this possibility,  the only thing liberals care about blacks is getting their votes.

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