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Obama Can’t, Victor Davis Hanson on the problem with the Obami, from RCP:

[A] president who believes that modern cars get eight miles per gallon or need frequent tune-ups, and that proper tire inflation can substitute for drilling oil, has never run a business that hinged on having moderately priced gas to power a truck, tractor, or car fleet. In fact, most in the Obama administration came to Washington from either academia or prior state- and federal-government employment, where policy is theoretical, without grounding in real experience.

So much of this administration’s talk about energy sounds similar to a bull session in the faculty lounge, or what we would expect from lifelong bureaucrats and public functionaries who have never experienced long commutes or struggles in the harsher, profit-driven private workplace.

How stupid are the Obami? Consider one Donald Berwick, from Wall Street Journal,
via Dan Mitchell, International Liberty:

The right way is to help bring costs down by making care better and improving our health-care system. Improving quality while reducing costs is a strategy that’s had major success in other fields. Computers, cars, TVs and telephones today do more than they ever have, and the cost of these products has consistently dropped. The companies that make computers and microwaves didn’t get there by cutting what they offer: They achieved success by making their products better and more efficient. …Under President Obama’s framework, we will hold down Medicare cost growth, improve the quality of care for seniors, and save an additional $340 billion for taxpayers in the next decade.

Berwick is so ignorant of basic economics, that he believe that the cost reductions and product improvement achieved in response to a competitive free market will somehow be matched by the government outlawing competition and choice.

Cain Can, video:

Hat tip: Robert Stacy McCain, Other McCain.

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