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The Ramble: 04-13-11

Saratoga,NY— I’m delivering at a warehouse here. I’m writing this on my phone, so sorry I don’t have any pics to show you; I’ve not figured out how to do that yet.

Kind of an active week, though slightly screwed up, schedule -wise. So far, this week, I’ve een to Mountaintop, PA, Carlisle, PA, Newburgh, NY, and Collage Point, NY, (NYC). From here, I go to three stops in the Rochester, NY area then off to Massachusetts.


I’m watching the implosions in Washington … (…and what else can we call the reality that is happening to us under Obama?) …with a somewhat satisfied fear. The fear is obvious. You can’t watch what’s happening with our country without some genuine fear. People are starting to get the idea that they screwed up when they turned absolute power over to the Democrats. The satisfaction, to the degree there is any, is because I called it.

I told my wife, I told my friends, I told you,  starting the very moment the election returns came it, that we were though with America as we used to have it.  I was called an alarmist, a fear monger, a sore loser. Turns out, of course, that I was right to the degree that I understated the matter on an order of scale.

Well, the LA TIMES may actually have a point here [1] but in the end the speech was needed today because what he was offering wasn’t polling well.  Which is kinda like saying  a live volcano is a little warm, I suppose.

Which is not to say that what the new speech offered will poll any better. It seems our whole problem, based on Obama’s comments is that the so-called “Rich” carrying 90% of the tax burden wasn’t enough.

Jen Rubin, also noting the subject, says:

President Obama has promised to speak about his thoughts on the debt crisis [2]. It’s not clear, however, why he didn’t do this at the State of the Union [3] or what, if anything, he is going to accomplish. But as a matter of communications strategy, there’s reason to question sending the president out to talk to the country in these circumstances. An adviser of a senior Senate Republican has this take: “They didn’t think this one through. They’re winging it.” He sees a three-pronged dilemma for the president: “His base won’t let him touch Social Security, Medicare was gutted in ObamaCare, and they couldn’t pass a tax hike with a supermajority Democratic Congress.”

Obviously, he’s figuring that he can sell the American public with what got hm elected. Grandiose Shmooze. He’s doing so because he has noting else left.  He clearly hasn’t seen how Obamacare is polling, and is still in denial about the mid-term elections.

Not that this is going to work. His current polling numbers are dropping like the US’s creds on debt [4]. Anything he does will cost him votes.So, look for the deer in the headlights maneuver. Meanwhile watch as the world becomes increasingly angry with us. Quite an accomplishment for Obama. Not three years in office, and the whole world is pissed at him… including his base.

I spoke of Newburgh, NY, earlier. The big tragedy there just now [5] involves a mother and three kids, in a murder-suicide. Domestic trouble. Mom drives her mini-van off a boat ramp into the Hudson River, killing herself and two of her three kids. The third, a ten year old, climbed out a window.  Sadly, I do understand the things that motivate people to do such things, in a way. Acts of passion are the hardest ones to put any logic to, and I expect this is that.  But how long will it be, I wonder, before we see calls to ban the Mom-van, which was used in this act? How many times will we see domestic disputes turn into mass murder-suicides with these weapons? Now, no, I’m not serious. But what if Mom had used a gun? Why the difference?

I gotta get going. Off to Albany.