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Playing the Trump card,

Kyle-Anne Shiver, thinks Donald Trump has a plan, or well two plans, from American Thinker:

Now that we can pretty well assume Mr. Trump is running for president, it’s obvious that he has done a prerequisite full survey of Obamaland.  He has, as all successful builders are wont to do, gotten the plans of the existing structure and knows precisely which cornerstone and support beams are holding President Obama’s house upright.  And as any truly great builder would, Trump has carefully, critically, logically listed every risk/benefit ratio of every strategy we now see him publicly employing.

Every time Donald Trump attacks a piece of the Obama narrative to a dumbfounded interviewer, he knows exactly what he is doing.  He has considered the risk beforehand and calculated its rewards.  He knows the media is most vulnerable because early on in 2008, the collective media declared these Obama truth-searches out of bounds for respectable people, who were obliged (in the media elitists’ minds) to give Obama’s blackness all benefit of doubt in every instance.  For nearly three full years now, the media has held its locked grip on every tidbit of missing or discordant information regarding the Obama narrative and are now shocked — shocked, I tell you — that anyone would dare to broach these media-deemed taboo subjects.

Listen as Trump talks to Rush Limbaugh.    Everything Trump says in intended to both diminish Barack Obama’s stature and to promote Trump’sh, video:

Hat tip: Matt Lewis, Daily Caller.

Given Trump credit, he is very good an promoting himself.

However Trump still have his critics, from E.D. Kain, Forbes:

The Only Thing More Ridiculous Than Donald Trump’s Hair is His Presidential Ambition

There is nothing surprising about Donald Trump’s presidential ambition, or his sudden interest into Obama’s birth certificate. Trump cares about one thing and one thing only: attention. Money is good, too, but only if it gets him his fix. He knows he can’t win the presidency, and he knows that the only way to get the attention he so badly craves is to out-crazy all the rest of the GOP hopefuls

Kain is wrong.  There is something more ridiculous than Trumps purported presidential aspirations,, to wit Bacack Obama’s presidency.

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