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Dumbo’s drivel, the world starting to catch on to the obvious, a point I have been making for over two years now, Barack Obamai is not exactly the sharpest golf ball in the bag.  See Clarice, here, here and here..

Kyle-Anne Shiver finds this Mickey Kaus quote, from Dailly Caller:

Cost doesn’t go into why Obama managed to get to the top of politics without being all that good at it. The answer is distressingly obvious: Obama’s the biggest affirmative action baby in history.  When other pols are trying, failing, learning, while climbing up the middle rungs of the ladder, he got a pass; e) He’s the second president in a row to get a pass-George W. Bush, after all, didn’t exactly have to fight his way through a 64-team bracket. He was a legacy exception. And, come to think of it, he wasn’t that good at politics either.

And retorts, from American Thinker:

Well, of course, he got a pass.  Actually Obama got far more than a pass.  He was allowed by an ideologically-driven, white-guilt-motivated media to hop, skip, and jump his way to the pinnacle of world power without ever producing one single shred of verifiable evidence that he could do anything whatsoever but run his full-of-utter-BS mouth — even that, constantly enabled by a teleprompter.  And Republicans winked and nodded and permitted the whole Orwellian spectacle due to their fear of being forever outcast as racists.

It seems that Obama is the most uneducated president in American history.  Oh Obama may be credentialed, but his not educated.    In start contrast, Abraham Lincoln was highly educated yet very uncredentialed.     An educated man can take lesson of the past and apply the to problems of the present.     The only lesson Obama ever appears to have learned is how come up with scapegoat for every problem.  So when is the last time the tarring and feathering a scapegoat every solved any problem?

Frankly Stacy, I don’t give a damn, from RS McCain, Other McCain:

To Hell With ‘Gender Equity’

That’s my reaction to a New York Times story about how universities are faking their way around Title IX, which mandates an artificial “equality” between men and women’s sports programs.

I say is Mother nature wanted women to be equal to men, she would have made them man.  As she did not, she must have a reason for the difference.

In nature, equality is not the norm.  Take any two demographic groups and pick a metric, there no reason to expect measured equality.  For example there more blonds in Sweden than Italy.  Does that mean that Swedes or somehow better, or worse, than Italians, or just different?  Men on average are taller than women.  Yet that does not make men superior to women, I know of no hew and cry to remedy the female height disparity.  Likewise women, on average, live longer than men.  Do you need a federally mandated program to eliminate the life gap?

For their part gender feminists, are highly selective about which disparities they demand to be remedied.  Men, on average, make more per hour than women, a statistic which frosts the cows udders to no end.  Yet no gender feminist seems a bit bothteer that circa thirteen times as many men died in on the job accidents as do women.  Hint, it much the same reason men get paid more, they more apt to take more dangerous jobs

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