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How Dumb is Dumbo, Barack Obama, or as I call him Dumbo, is clearly confused by the cause of the 2007 Interstate bridge collapse, from via Ed Morrissey, Hot Air:

Remember when that bridge in Minnesota collapsed with all those people on it? And there was a big hue and cry, “How can this happen in America?” Well, the National Society of Engineers — they looked around and they give us a D when it comes to infrastructure.

Mr. Morrissey:

But being from Minneapolis, the implication that the St. Anthony Falls bridge collapse in August 2007 had to do with infrastructure spending isn’t just ignorant of basic civics, it’s downright false and offensive (via Greg Hengler):


The bridge collapse occurred because of a design defect, a conclusion reached by the National Transportation Safety Board. The bridge was designed and built in an era when engineers thought that redundant systems were both unnecessary and inefficient.  Gusset plates installed at the time of the bridge’s building were too thin, and without any redundancy to account for a major failure on a single point, it was a tragedy waiting to happen from day 1.  It had nothing to do with any lack of maintenance, and in fact collapsed because of scheduled maintenance to the deck that inadvertently destabilized it to the point of collapse.

Obama asserts a cause of the bridge collapse which differs from the finding of the National Transportation Safety Board.  Is Mr. Obama so dumb or so poorly educated that he is incapable or reading and comprehending the NTSB report?  You tell me.

Madison on the Potomac, The irony challenged citizen of the day.  The Washington Times‘ Kerry Picket gets confronted by a citizen who accuses her of hostility.  Yet the unnamed citizen is clearly the only party in the conversation who is hostile.  Whatever verbal message Mr. Starched Shorted was attempting to convey was negated by his hostile attitude.  With a wee bit more practice Mr. Shorts might have a stand-up routine..  Without further ado roll the video:

Hat tip and more: Ed Morrissey, Hot Air:

I’d call this a classic case of projection.  Kerry isn’t sure who this might be; perhaps a tourist from Madison, Wisconsin?

You think?  Stacy wonders, from Other McCain:

Just taking a wild guess — a shot in the dark — Mr. Hissy Self-Righteous will turn out to be a long-time public-school employee and/or a teachers-union activist. Nothing is more ironclad in the minds of such people than their inalienable right to employment at taxpayer expense. Because school-choice threatens to deprive them of their monopoly of feasting on the government teat, Kerry Picket’s questions about Gray’s opposition to vouchers were like garlic to a vampire.

That self righteous indignation, sense of entitlement and all out attempt to defend the status-quo certainly fits the pattern of public employee.  Anybody want to wager that Stacy is wrong?

Obama Justice Department nixes Congress, from Johnathan Strong, Daily Caller:

For the first time since Republicans took control of the House and gained the power of congressional subpoena, the Obama administration has declined to comply with a subpoena issued by top GOP oversight official Rep. Darrell Issa.

More, Michelle:

Yesterday, I brought you up to speed on GOP Sen. Charles Grassley’s fight with DOJ over its Project Gunrunner stonewalling.

Today, GOP Rep. Darrell Issa warns that DOJ’s intransigence could lead to contempt proceedings


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