Amityville, NY—

As this is written, I’m at a warehouse in Long Island, about to leave for home. An unusually long week, this, but it’s had it’s rewards.  I’ve spent the majority of the week running between East Central PA and Long Island.  I saw Lady Liberty  and the Brooklyn Bridge in my travels. I’m considering bringing the family down for a look around.


Speaking of looking around, lets do…..

I note on Limbaugh’s show today, something Rush missed, bigtime:

“Peter Beinart: “America Doesn’t Matter Anymore.”  By the way, just to give you more details on who he is. He’s a senior political writer for the Daily Beast, associate professor of journalism and political science at the City University of New York, senior fellow at the New America Foundation.  He first rose to national acclaim being an editor at New Republic, and he’s had a couple of books, and of course you can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.  And of course he’s a leftist.  “America Doesn’t Matter Anymore,” is the title of his piece.  “As Europe takes the lead on the Libyan intervention, it’s a powerful signal of America’s weakening global influence. Peter Beinart on Obama’s Jeffersonian turn — and the end of an empire.” And they’re happy about this, even calling it Jeffersonian.


The American public’s appetite for humanitarian war has always been meager.  And now the American government’s capacity for waging it is meager, too. … Whether they’ll be able to — whether they have the capacity and stomach for what it would take to push Gaddafi from power — is another question. But it’s not surprising that Barack Obama is giving them a chance to try,” meaning the Europeans.  “Obama is what you might call a roundabout Jeffersonian. Jeffersonians, to borrow Walter Russell Mead’s phrase, believe that preserving America’s economic and political solvency requires reining in American empire.” Mr. Beinart, do you actually believe that is what this is about?  Do you actually believe that Obama’s reluctance to get involved here is to save our economy?  Where do these people live?  Intellectually, where do they live to come up with this idea that Obama’s reluctance is to save our economy?  It’s an economy that he has under assault.  Obama’s boys read this, “America Doesn’t Matter Anymore, the end of an empire,” that’s victory for them.

Rush, Buddy… look, I love ya… but you’ve missed something rather crucial, here. This line of his is central to anyone who is, as Beinart is, a committed one-worlder…. and who has for decades subscribed to the line that the economic weakness in America is not it’s (demonstrably larger and mosre costly) socialist giveaway programs, but it’s military power. Everything else follows that in that line of non-thought of his.

The allusions for Jefferson are of course, bread and butter to the left who for some strange reason do not and never have understood the fact that Jefferson would denounce the politics of the party that invokes him as a party icon. It’s all image, as you know full well.


I note Syria is acting in a manner that would gather kinetic military action….  So why are we removing Quack Daffy, again?


I can add nothing ton the words of the good Doctor Krauthammer, so I’ll simply pass along the link.


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